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Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon, Vietnam

The Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon is a 63 room, hide-away style spa and beach destination set in 13.5 hectares of private mountainous land and beach. The tranquility, splendid views, Cham-inspired architecture and surroundings are so far unmatched in Vietnam.

Practice the basic positions (asanas) of Yoga. Focus on breathing and physical movements to improve circulation and flexibility. Start your day with a blank canvas, clear your mind and dream of what the day, or the future holds.

Tai Chi
Enjoy a Tai Chi session with the sand between your toes.
Panoramic ocean view help you to focus on this ancient discipline of deliberate breathing and mental focus, in combination with slow, sustained physical movements. Neuromuscular Integrative Action A fitness exercise that blends dance, martial arts and healing arts with music. Dedicated to the joy of movement, it encourages freedom of expression using one’s own body, at one’s own individual pace.

Walking Meditation
Walking meditation is a form of meditation that can be practiced on a daily basis. Easy and practical, it is essentially about heightening the awareness on each basic movement of taking one step a time. Concentration on this simple action creates peace and clarity of mind.

Massage Demonstration
Our Spa Manager / trainer gives a demonstration on the basic techniques required to give your partner or friend a relaxing back massage. The demonstration also discusses safety tips, does and don’t when massaging.
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Life Wellness Resort Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Ghenh Rang
Bai Dai Beach
Quy Nhon City
Binh Dinh Province

Tel: +84 (0)56 3840-132

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