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New Age Health Spa, USA

We are proud to announce our Spa Package! Both beneficial and value oriented, this package has been specifically designed to cater to the therapeutic needs of our guests while offering a price advantage. Create Your Own Spa Package:
For guests who prefer to address individual therapy needs, we offer a free massage with any selection of 4 treatments from our menu.

The magnificent Cayuga Yoga and Meditation Center is home to spiritual practice at New Age Health Spa. Lined with 10,000 feet of Western Redwood, Cayuga boasts a grand stone fireplace, heated floors, and a 5’ tall golden statue of Buddha statue presiding over it all. Here, we look to the Eastern healing arts for health benefits including reduced stress, increased flexibility, enhanced mental clarity and improved organ function. These holistic modalities combine the wisdom of ancient philosophies with contemporary sensibilities. All classes are suitable for both beginner and more advanced students of spiritual practice. The spiritual program at New Age Health Spa begins with a classic seated meditation at sunrise, followed by a three-mile walk through the beautiful countryside and a 50-minute yoga class. The afternoon features instruction in a variety of practices such as Ai Chi, a Japanese form of water exercise, Chi Kung, a Chinese discipline to balance energy and Tai Chi, a martial art form to induce relaxation and peace of mind. The day’s class schedule concludes with a pre-dinner meditation, which may include breathing exercises, chanting and guided visualizations.
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New Age Health Spa, USA

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