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Moving body and mind out of the stagnation of depression and thereby understanding and positively using the inherent profundity of depression – that is our goal. In our owner-managed clinic, people with severe exhaustion depression are actively accompanied and treated for 8 to 12 weeks.


A personalised intensive treatment of depression oriented towards recognised standards is at the centre of all our therapeutic efforts. Being ill changes many things – including the perception of space. Buildings and rooms in which the needs of depressed people are taken into account promote the recovery process. The Clinicum Alpinum is setting a milestone here: it is the first clinic in the German-speaking world to consistently implement the concept of “healing architecture”. Our clinic specialises in the treatment of severe depression and states of exhaustion. By focusing on one diagnostic area, we are able to tailor the treatment for each client. The integration of each client’s needs and previous treatment experiences are essential. Burn Out Clinic Europe in Liechtenstein near Switzerland.


The Clinicum Alpinum is the first clinic in the German-speaking world to commit itself to “healing architecture” in a “healing environment”. In order to provide our clients with a place of retreat and sufficient privacy, we offer exclusively single rooms at the Clinicum Alpinum. In addition to 48 single rooms, our clinic also has 2 suites. All rooms offer a phenomenal view of the entire St. Gallen Rhine Valley as well as parts of the Seez Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges (Säntis to Flumserberg).


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Although the architecture of our clinic provides a strong counterpoint to everyday life, our clients experience the building as a protective place that offers numerous opportunities to retreat: for example, on benches with a supporting wall behind them or by a fireplace with a crackling wood fire. The inner courtyard, our “alpine garden”, also offers a retreat close to nature. It houses an alpine garden that provides a habitat for our native flora and fauna. In addition, a swimming pool, an outdoor whirlpool, Kneipp showers, a bio-sauna and a steam bath are available for body-related therapy treatments. At off-peak times and at weekends, our clients can also make use of these facilities outside of therapy hours. Meeting places include a sun terrace, our alpine garden in the inner courtyard and a public restaurant. Our entire clinic area is designed to meet the needs of people with a walking disability.

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In our treatment we attach particular importance to
– individual therapy planning and implementation tailored to the patient and his or her treatment experience
– active involvement of the patient and all previous practitioners in treatment planning
– scientifically proven and subjectively comprehensible therapy content
– a therapy system that quickly adapts to changes in symptoms/improvements in condition
– an individualised psychotherapeutic approach instead of excessive group programmes
– qualified and experienced therapy staff (medical specialists/no assistant doctors, special therapists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists)
– Active involvement of medical consultants from all medical disciplines (internal medicine, physical medicine, laboratory medicine, etc.).
– the targeted use of non-linguistic therapy methods such as art and music therapy or equine-assisted forms of therapy.

Our treatment is offered 6 days a week. An active case management accompanies the clients from day one and supports them in their professional reintegration.


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