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Thomas Zerlauth is a pioneer of mental training. His research trips have taken him around the globe and his books and ideas have inspired thousands of people. Over 35 years ago, when “mental training” was still virtually taboo in Europe, he was already regarded as a figurehead of mental coaching in elite sport and many mental coaches today work according to his method “Sport in the State of Excellence”, which was published by Junfermann in 1995.

Thomas Zerlauth has been interested in everything to do with the mind since he was a teenager. He studied hypnosis, was one of the youngest DVNLP teaching trainers for NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), trained in Systemic Family Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing and many other psychotherapeutic approaches. He has visited various wisdom teachers, mindfulness and meditation teachers all over the world, was a Buddhist monk in Thailand and has been travelling between Asia, America and Europe since 1996.

In this online mental training programme for athletes, you will learn how to create that magical inner space that all winners unconsciously build up and that inevitably leads to the FLOW state.
It is not about a confusing number of mental techniques, but about a single and easy-to-learn training model for ambitious amateur and elite athletes.


There are now thousands of books on the subject of “mental training”. Nevertheless, it has to be said that we do not know much about many areas of our mind and science still cannot conclusively say how consciousness (i.e. the feeling of being and being aware of something or oneself) actually arises. However, we can practise this and experience “conscious being” for ourselves.

You cannot understand the “mind” in all its depth without “consciousness”. We humans can train our mind, but we cannot control it. Nor can we stop it in the long term, tame it and thus keep our emotions in check. Much is and remains a mystery to us or in the unconscious and therefore in the realm of the magical.

Thomas Zerlauth deals intensively with this matter, even in areas that have nothing to do with sport. For example, he advises companies on the development of brands, which in his view are special and, in particular, implicitly effective “constructions of meaning” that make us unconsciously trust them and convey a meaning. He regularly publishes on this topic in well-known magazines and publishing houses. In 2023, the two books “Markenmagie” and “Virale Markenbildung” were published by Haufe.


Mental Training and Mindfulness Training for Elite Athletes





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