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Pin and Milena founded The Mindful Tourist from the love and joy of hanging out in the woods, to promote the practice of Shinrin Yoku and bring awareness of the practice to people visiting Japan.

We created The Mindful Tourist training and retreats with the aim to increase awareness of nature’s holistic healing powers and make the practice of Japanese Shinrin Yoku more easily accessible to a wider range of audiences. It began as a passion and a weekend hobby. Milena and Pin love to explore the forest. As expats living and working in Kyoto, we spent our weekends picnicking in the woods, exploring Japan’s many off-the-beaten forested paths and searching for the quietest places on earth. Friends kept asking if they could come along and soon we were organizing trips for a wider circle of friends from Instagram, Facebook, blogs and all over the world. From these trips, we realized that many of the people we guided were suffering from stress, burnout, work-related health issues, modern lifestyle health complaints or even emotional and psychological traumas. However, we noticed that people who participated in Forest Bathing trips with us on a regular basis experienced better physical health, improved mood and overall better sense of well-being and vitality. With our backgrounds in Wellness, Holistic Health and Psychology, we became very interested, so we did an extensive research on how trees and spending time in nature can help you find health and happiness. From our own experience and experiment, we found that Forest Bathing is also a great complementary practice to other holistic wellness modalities. For these reasons, we start to share our expertise and passion in Forest Bathing and created our very own TMT Shinrin Yoku Certification Training Program, in which students can deepen their knowledge about the healing powers of nature and get certified in Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing. Our Services: • TMT Online Forest Bathing Guide Certification Training – Level 1 • TMT Professional Forest Bathing Instructor Training – Level 2 • Forest Bathing & Mindfulness Retreats in Thailand & Japan • Shinrin Yoku trail designation and Nature Connectedness activities consultation and training for luxury spas & resorts • Forest Bathe Around The World: Offering you some very unique and authentic Forest Bathing experiences in some of the most beautiful places in the world, in-person or virtually

Testimonial from Agata Bielski – The Mindful Tourist’s Certified Forest Bathing Guide: “I can’t remember ever taking a class where the harmony and energy was so right off the bat. After the first meeting I felt I had arrived in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It is not only the topic that unites us but also something deeper, an inner basic attitude towards life and nature. This bond has made me look forward to seeing each other’s faces on my laptop all the more each week. Since childhood, I was passionate about nature. As a resilience therapist, the forest, with its health-promoting properties, has taken on an even more important place for me. The Mindful Tourist has taught me a lot and brought closer my desire to combine resilience therapy with Shinrin Yoku. I have not only learned theoretical knowledge but also more about myself and the unconscious connection and background of my love for nature. I have rediscovered myself a little bit through some tasks. At the beginning of the course I didn’t know what exactly to expect and was open to everything. Still, I didn’t think that after an online course I would walk out with so much knowledge that I can put into practice. Milena and Pin, with their style and approach, have also been incredibly beneficial in making the weeks so educational and enjoyable. As well as my wonderful course mates who, through conversation and their thoughts, gave me an hour that I looked forward to all week. I have been looking forward to doing Level 2 training and practicing Shinrin Yoku in the Japanese woods since the beginning.”


Forest Bathing / Shinrin Yoku • Spa & Holistic Wellness • Mindfulness Practices • Bodywork and Hands-On Therapies • Jikiden Reiki • International Business Management • Luxury Hospitality Management • Academic Life and Life Coaching • Positive psychology • Neuropsychology • Emotional intelligence • Evidence-based Forest Bathing Research


TMT Forest Bathing Guide Certification Training Level 1 (Guide/Practitioner level) and Level 2 (Instructor level)