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“From perception arises emotion;
from emotion arises decision;
from decision arises action;
action creates destiny.”

Having been immersed in monastic lifestyles in India for over a decade, Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors, Rajesh Ramani, Smitha Jayakumar and Sujay Seshadri, are experienced teachers with a strong background in ancient Asian philosophies. Together, they present a unique opportunity for anyone looking for greater connection and happiness with oneself and others. Their distinctive teaching and mentoring styles have helped many people all over the world to more healthily interact with their emotions.

Guided by Kamalaya's mentors in an intimate group setting of maximum 12, participants explore their emotional habits and learn to more practically and effectively respond to life's challenges. Each day of the retreat offers a new perspective in exploring one’s potential with a particular focus on mental and emotional flexibility. Participants will join Kamalaya’s Life Enhancement Mentors in an intimate group setting where they can explore their emotional habits and learn to more practically and effectively respond to life’s challenges. The retreat will empower participants with:

Insights: Teachings to strengthen awareness of the nature of life, mind and self
Processes: Guided experiential journeys that heal and bring about an inner shift; that is a shift in thought and feeling
Practices: Learning practices that create and nurture positive feelings and habits

Each participant will have two one-to-one mentoring sessions at the beginning and middle of the retreat to develop a personal growth plan, while the group setting offers a special opportunity for a shared journey. This environment promotes greater insights, profound realizations and powerful energy in daily practices that are unavailable in an individualized setting.

Healing treatments in Kamalaya’s Wellness Sanctuary enhance the inward journey, comforting and nurturing the physical body.

6th-12th April 2017

27th April-3rd May 2017

22nd-28th June 2017

31st August-6th September 2017

2nd-8th November 2017