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Luxury Wellness Resort Rajasthan. Renew your immunity with the time-tested practices of Ayurveda – India’s “science of life”.


Immunity has fascinated humankind for centuries as it underpins the very possibility of wellness. Impacted by state of mind and body, environment, emotions, energy, spirit and community, in addition to more obvious factors such as nutrition and personal hygiene, the good news is that immunity can be enhanced. Designed to holistically strengthen and support your immune system, these impeccably curated programmes aim to support your overall wellbeing by taking a multifaceted approach to the prevention of disease. Tailored to individual needs, the programmes include an intensive Integrated Medical Immune Support Immersion overseen by medical doctors, Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreats managed by Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners or Ayurvedic Physicians, and Holistic Immune Support Retreats that incorporate local wellness traditions.


Laid out across two storeys, Amanbagh’s Suites and Pavilions all enjoy private outdoor spaces and an aesthetic that references the property’s regal past. Vaulted entrances, domed ceilings and scalloped windows provide the framework for the palatial interiors, which feature intricate lattice screens and green Udaipur marble. Living areas are furnished with daybeds and writing desks, while the kingsize beds, raised on plinths, are surrounded by majestic Mughal arches.


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Once used by the Maharajah of Alwar as his base for tiger-hunting expeditions, today Amanbagh’s lush compound shelters guests in a modern-day Mughal palace, carved out of local pink marble and sandstone, with scalloped arches and cupolas paying homage to India’s golden age. A sanctuary in the arid Aravalli hills, 90 minutes from frenetic Jaipur, the property is surrounded by mature palm, fruit and eucalyptus trees, which shade the emerald-green pool. Beyond the palatial Suites, spa and gardens, guests will discover welcoming villages, majestic forts and ruins, and the jungle of Sariska National Park, where tigers still roam free. Amanbagh is surrounded by ancient sites, from the forts of Ajabgarh and Pratapgarh to the temple town of Neelkanth and the spiritual site of Narayani Mata.

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The Ayurvedic theory of immunity is called Beej-bhumi, which translates as “seed and land”. The body is seen as the fertile land in which infections can “grow” if the body is out of balance. Strong digestion is seen as key to strengthening immunity and ensuring that pathogens cannot take root in a weakened system. Encouraging balance in all things, Ayurveda is based on the concept that each individual has a predominant constitutional dosha, determined by inherent characteristics and body type. Amanbagh’s Traditional Medicine Immune Support Retreat will begin with an in-depth assessment to determine whether you are Vata, Kapha, or Pitta, and this dosha knowledge along with regular consultations with Amanbagh’s Ayurvedic physician will ensure a programme uniquely geared to your needs. This will include daily Ayurvedic treatments, and refreshments in line with your dosha requirements, expert yoga and meditation sessions in inspiring historic and natural settings.

Wellness Immersions of up to 21 nights provide a personlised programme of Ayurvedic healing, comprising diet, movement and meditation drawing on millennia of history.


Luxury Wellness Resort Rajasthan
Ajabgarh Village
Alwar District

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