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Brands have magical potential. All of them. And in an additionally concentrated form when they revolve around the themes of health, wellness and healing.

They have the ability to address us unconsciously, to influence our inner state and to enchant us by transporting us – without letting us become aware of it – to another place, another time dimension or another subjective experience.

Magic describes the multitude of all formulas, signs, backgrounds and ways to get in touch with our unconscious, to communicate and to weave ourselves into a story of reciprocity.

What really constitutes the magic of a brand must be described in terms of experiencing an inner view. From this perspective, the first important question is who is the protagonist of the story? The product, the wellness provider or the consumer. The decisive reference value of brands is clearly the subjectivity of people. That which someone experiences inside – mentally and embodied – and how exactly this happens.

So a brand is not created from the company’s point of view, but fundamentally always in the customer’s perception. Nevertheless, most people start by thinking about their own strengths, formulating nice company stories, slogans and “mission statements” and subsequently think about how and through which communication channel they bring “their core message” to the customer. From my point of view, this is a momentous mistake.

Consumers, however, are not interested in the self-homage chants and the story of companies, but in their own. Companies only become interesting when they are perceived as important and useful for their own “survival”.

Thomas Zerlauth Wellness Brandin

Thomas Zerlauth is a depth-psychologically oriented brand strategist. He has worked for over 25 years as a brand developer in the luxury, wellness, healing and health industry. He calls his approach MarkenSprint®. This is a meaning tool to view brands from a radically new perceptual position and to position them successfully. He is the author of the books “BrandMagic” and “Viral Brandbuilding” (Haufe Publishing, Germany).

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