The Healing Guide is your go-to when searching for inspiring healing destinations, health resorts and wellness retreats that are at the top of their game when it comes to helping you reach your wellness goals.

We believe that each of us holds the power to initiate our own healing. Some have honed this capability through their own inner resources, but for many of us, a helping hand to guide, inspire, suggest and educate is key to sparking our healing potential. This is especially true If we find ourselves facing a health crisis, excessively stressful or challenging times, or when life lands us with change we didn’t ask for or expect.

In the Healing Guide, you will find a wide variety of places, some with similar and some with vastly different approaches to supporting your health and wellness goals. We are all unique and so, naturally, we resonate differently to the various approaches available as tools to help us forge our way forward to a blissful state of wellbeing. Our comprehensive filters will help you to uncover a shortlist of healing places that can fit perfectly with your goals, interests and budget.

With the Healing Guide, we set out to put a handpicked selection of resources for healing and health right at your fingertips. You may have a specific problem – such as stress and burnout, excess weight, physical pain or a medical condition – that you wish to focus on. Or you may want a restorative break that allows you to easily continue with the work you do every day at home to maintain health. Maybe you have found yourself off track and thirst for new inspiration. Perhaps you are perfectly healthy, but still there is the whisper of a feeling that something is missing or you could be so much more resilient, creative, vibrant, fulfilled. And then again, maybe you want to take a deep immersive dive into your own journey of personal transformation.

The Healing Guide includes only our handpicked recommendations, from a team of people who have been working in the healing and wellness space for many years. We see the need for true and deep healing all around us, in ourselves as well, and so we created this guide as a platform to introduce some of the opportunities available. Within our pages, we hope that you find the inspiration and resources to help you flourish.

We are also working on bringing you a curated collection of individual specialist practitioners, healers, teachers and experts. Like our resorts and hotels, the healers we list will be handpicked by our team. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know as these listings go live.

The Big Fine Print

We want to be a resource for everyone; those looking to improve the health they already enjoy and those who are physically, mentally, emotionally or spirituality unwell. We do this in the knowledge that we will never be able to meet 100% of your needs, but we didn’t want that to stop us from doing something. Please understand that we cannot and do not wish to assume any guarantee or liability. Healing is a very big term, and for those of you who sadly find yourself in crisis, we don’t wish to take advantage of your vulnerability. We simply would like to inspire you with some options you may not have considered, and which you can discuss with your primary health care provider to see if they’re right for you.

Our task is to make the best possible recommendations and, within the scope of our possibilities, to select the qualitatively most appealing offers and to present them in an appealing way. Each individual partner is vigorously reviewed by our team and only then made public. We do ask for payment from our listing partners and we also extend an open invitation for properties to apply for inclusion in the Healing Guide. However, we only publish those partners that have been vetted by our team and community. Of course, this is not an infallible protection and certainly does not mean that every visitor will find the right partner. Different strokes, as they say, and so we suggest that once you’ve found something that feels right, explore more in depth on the partner’s website. We do our best and we definitely do not market simply for payment; we recommend only those we can confidently stand behind, understanding that no one place fits every seeker’s need.


Thomas Zerlauth
founded Healingguide in 2006 with the simple idea of presenting personally known and visited resorts that had something special to offer in health and wellness.

Founded in 2006

By 2018, the website had grown to represent over 1000 resorts and had attracted many thousands of visitors through organic search.

From 2018 to 2021, Thomas turned his attention to other business and the site stagnated. As a result, it increasingly declined in importance because it no longer fulfilled its actual purpose. In the meantime, the wellness space saw an influx of providers who jumped on the bandwagon that the times brought to town. More and more hotels recognized the potential of the health market niche, yet relied on inadequate resources and concepts.

As a brand developer (and passionate photographer) in the health and wellness space, Thomas Zerlauth has accompanied some world-renowned brands to success. At the beginning of 2021, he decided to completely rethink and develop the Healingguide, orientating it to the needs of people looking for real help and thoughtful, honest and healthy offers.

Practically all listed pages and entries were deleted to enable a fresh start and to clear the way to think and act unencumbered. The result is what you now see in front of you. But this is just the beginning and there is a lot more to come from the Healingguide. Continuous development and an uncompromising search for quality – in both the presentation and the selection of suitable partners – is one of the core competences of the Healingguide team.

Please stay connected with us. We have great things in mind as we develop the Healingguide every day.

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