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Holistic Immune Support Retreat. Immerse yourself in nature and the immune-boosting remedies of this Luxury Retreat in the Dominican Republic.


Set in a sacred landscape where the forces of nature free the soul, clear the mind and create time and space for deep purification, Amanera is a serene destination in which to build immune response, restore balance and increase wellbeing. The Holistic Immune Support Retreat invites you to walk through nature in the footsteps of ancient Taíno healers, experience the benefits of local healing herbs and wellness practices, and renew your body’s natural resistance to infection and disease.


Amanera’s 25 casitas are positioned on the cliffs at the western end of Playa Grande beach, all offering ocean views.


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Laguna Gri Gri
A beautiful freshwater lagoon lined with mangroves, Laguna Gri Gri is explored by boat and offers serene swimming, snorkelling and stand up paddle boarding. Sea caves nearby can also be explored before or after a beach picnic.

Kite Surfing
The birthplace of kite surfing, Cabarete is a vibrant seaside town renowned for its seafood and buzzing nightlife. Amanera offers private kite surfing lessons for all levels with experienced professionals.

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Healing through lunar forces.
The Taíno believe that the moon has a significant impact on wellbeing, and that its phases affect both mood and wellbeing. Attune yourself to nature with our three or five-night retreat. Join the team at Amanera in learning how the forces of the moon govern and empower the human physical and emotional healing. Embodying the ancient Taíno methods of medicinal herbal wisdom, guests will discover the abundant flora and fauna surrounding Amanera through various outdoor excursions. Activities include sunrise yoga and meditation, trips to bird sanctuaries and jungle hikes embracing nature and its healing, restorative qualities.

Lunar healing with larimar:
Unique to Hispaniola, larimar is a rare blue gemstone believed to encourage physical and emotional healing, closely linked to the phases of the moon. Amanera’s signature lunar journey therapies pair the chakra-balancing influence of larimar with a palo santo smudging ceremony, a traditional Dominican ritual featuring the aromatic smoke of the sacred wood. 

Master Plant Ritual: Using Dominican herbal plants, this ritual begins with a gentle yet uplifting body exfoliation. A tailored massage assists in cell rejuvenation, skin disorders and wound healing allowing a fresh flow of energy and a newness of spirit to emerge. An ancient remedy of bitter bring mental clarity, releasing congestion, sinusitis and headache.

Meditation & Pranayama disciplines are the highest form of inner cleansing and purification. A regular practice of breathing techniques cleanses and stabilizes the digestive system and lungs, strengthened the immune system and lead the mind to a deeper state of stillness.

Amanera’s holistic approach encompasses a menu of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps, as well as transformative signature Spa Journeys.


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