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Sri Lanka

Integrates the mind, body, spirit, environment and vedic rejuvenation in healthcare for a bio organic strategy.

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Ayur Ayur Ayurveda Retreat is located within easy access in a relaxed and tranquil terrace by the gentle flowing waters of the Hamilton canal in Negombo. Relax in a getaway that has a rich and fresh wealth of healthiness. Ayur Ayur offers ancient treatments to rejuvenate your life the natural way. The bio-organic herbals specially selected from the most reliable sources combining traditional Ayurvedic knowledge in practical effect to compliment any lifestyle. All medicinal are botanical and strictly Ayurvedic and all therapies are performed by and or under supervision of duly qualified Ayurvedic medical practitioners. Medicinal ingredients and material utilized are on the house.


The relaxing and healthy healing getaway offer luxury accommodation with authentically designed traditionally arty crafted 15 rooms on a peaceful environment with a tranquil garden terrace set amongst pool terrace where you’ll refresh and indulge in fresh tropical fruits and vegetarian Menus to please you.


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Ayur Ayur offers Traditional Sri Lankan therapies, consultation and special Kerala Panchakarma treatments such as Abhyanga (Body Massage), Shirodhara, Nasya Karma & many more Treatments including best Ayurvedic Herbal Cosmetics, over the counter Ayurvedic Medicine and cleansing therapies.

Additionally programmes included at Ayur Ayur are panchakarma treatments for detoxification and rejuvenation, yoga & meditation, slimming and weight loss programs, healthy lifestyle, healthy food and anti-ageing.

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Programs & Retreats

The Panchakarma therapeutic process at Ayur Ayur will cleanse the body of deep tissue toxins, open the necessary channels, bringing rejuvenation and enhancing sense of well-being thereby increasing vitality, confidence and health. The five faculties of the Panchakarma treatment are Emesis Therapy, Purgation Therapy, Nasal Treatment, Enema Therapy and Blood letting Treatment.

Sambahana-massage, Abyanga, Shirodara, Pinda sweda, Awagaha sweda, Waspa swedas, Shiro Abyanga are some authentic Ayurvedic treatments available at the Retreat.

Guests can also partake in Stress relieving treatment programme of 7 Days, 14 days Rejuvenation Programme and 21 days Programme.

Special Treatments for Obesity, Dandruff, Pimples, Alopecia areata, Warts, Tinea versicolor (Aluham), Gray Hair Hair Falling and Herbal Facial Treatment are also available for the guests during their stay.

Create the delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit aiming to achieve total rejuvenation.


Ayur Ayur Ayurveda Retreat
No.14, Kattuwa Road,
Eththukala, Negombo,
Sri Lanka, Asia

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