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Combines local Nepali wisdom and knowledge with the traditional Ayurvedic teachings to balance and harmonizes bodily systems using diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing.

© Begnas Lake Resort


Our resort was created from our love of pure nature, our interest in natural remedies, our love of delicious wholesome food and the recognition of how therapeutic and beneficial all of these ingredients are.

Our unique location guarantees that we are at a safe distance from the daily bustle. We are buffered by a tropical jungle on three sides and the beautiful lake on the fourth. So although, only 11kms from Pokhara City, it really feels like an otherworldly paradise!

During your stay, you will experience great hospitality, incredible peace and quiet, observe the rich and diverse natural world. You can relax by the chemical free pool or by the pristine lake. Observe the local villagers and fishermen peacefully go about their daily business. You can go for hikes and village walks to see authentic village life. We are also perfectly located for mountain biking, paragliding, trail running, rambling and if you begin to miss urban life, we are only a short drive away!


Standard rooms are placed in clusters of four rooms to a cottage and are built in traditional style out of river-stones, wood, terracotta and slate. Waterfront Cottages, standalone buildings with plenty of privacy and spacious porches facing the lake and forest are on the fringes of the property and are further away from other parts of the resort. Two Bungalows and Premier rooms with luxurious offering. 


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What makes us exceptional is our approach towards Ayurveda. We truly recognize the unique richness of Nepali biodiversity and we want to make the most of the resources we have around us. Besides the wide variety of Himalayan plants and herbs we also recognize the need for local knowledge about them to be preserved, along with the natural remedies practiced through the generations.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Purification Therapies
The main aim of the treatment is to eliminate toxins from of the body choosing the most suitable method. 

Alleviating Therapies
These treatments are less invasive and much gentler. The purpose is to balance all three doshas. They are focused on reducing and eliminating the symptoms. During these treatments, we use herbal remedies and put an emphasis on the right diet and exercise.

Yoga in Sanskrit means Unity. When we practice together we are all united, connected, and integral. The same principles apply in Ayurvedic teachings. 

Being very aware of nature’s therapeutic benefits, and making most of our unique location The Begnas Lake Resort offer the clients something special and naturally rejuvenating.


Begnas Lake Resort
Begnas Lake, Lekhnath 33700,
Nepal, Asia

© Begnas Lake Resort