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A place where the river meets the sky, the sun with the moon and the mind with the body. Hot Springs Spa Peru.

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Located at 3,250 meters above sea level and 2.5 hours from the city of Arequipa, our hotel is located on the banks of the Colca River, surrounded by hundreds of pre-Inca platforms declared Cultural Heritage of Peru. With a design inspired by the ancient pre-Inca constructions, Colca Lodge has used mud, stone and straw to create a magical environment where the rooms mix with the gardens and these with the adjacent cultivated fields, without any boundaries. , no walls or barriers. The contact with nature is full but the comforts in this rural environment away from civilization are equally full, with the exception of the TV whose moderate use is limited to the bar area and the rest rooms.

And as a corollary to this privileged location, Colca Lodge makes available to its guests, at any time of the day, relaxing thermal baths unique in Peru. The four pools with different temperatures and filled with waters rich in Lithium are located in an absolutely natural environment where the magic of the elements takes on an extraordinary dimension.


Colca Lodge has 45 rooms of a rustic style all of which have a view of the valley and the hotel’s gardens and patios.


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Few places on Earth have the good fortune to be blessed with such beautiful natural surroundings and hot springs of such special quality as you will find at Colca Lodge. With the good fortune to have hot springs whose water contains high levels of lithium – a relaxing element par excellence – the Spa Eco Thermal at Colca Lodge has been carefully designed to offer a unique experience of wellbeing, comfort and relaxation amid natural surroundings and bucolic landscapes on the banks of the River Colca. The design of the pools has been carefully worked out so as to minimize interference with the natural surroundings. 

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The Spa Eco Thermal at Colca Lodge starts all its therapies in its own pool – whether massages, coatings or facial treatments. This detail, together with an impressive view over the Colca valley as an incomparable natural backdrop, ensures that our guests enjoy an unequalled natural relaxation experience. This is then continued in the careful hands of our helpful staff. 

The four pools located on the banks of the river are fed by natural springs which produce water at temperatures of up to 80ºC and are rich in minerals that are beneficial to the health – notably lithium, an element that promotes relaxation.

Feel the special energy of one of the most spectacular areas of southern Peru: the Colca Valley.


Colca Lodge
Hot Springs Spa Peru
Fundo Puye s/n Yanque.,
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