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An ideal place for self discovery, personal transformation, reconnecting with nature and opening your heart to beauty of the present moment.

© Hariharalaya Retreat Centre


At Hariharalaya you will develop the skills to live a balanced and inspired life through the practice of Integral Yoga – asana, breathing and meditation – plus practical yoga philosophy. From the Tree House to the Lounge Pool, the Arts & Music Room to the Rock Climbing Gym, the Games Room to the Healing Center – there are endless ways to nourish and explore yourself. Not to mention the hearty, homemade Vegan GF meals prepared with love!

Our community campus is spread out over 2 hectares of jungle gardens on the sacred land of the Ancient Temples of Angkor. Come and experience the real Cambodia! Live and learn in traditional huts made of natural materials in the middle of a Khmer farming village.


Immerse yourself in nature in the elegantly designed bungalows, rooms, huts and dormitory


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Open your eyes to the beauty and the wisdom that is all around us in the dance of nature. Hariharalaya is nestled in a tropical garden of Eden – full of flowers, palm trees and butterflies. The perfect place to slow down and observe the magic of Life.

Disconnect from all the noise of modern life and come back to your breath. Hariharalaya observe a Digital Detox and periods of silence as part of our retreats. Simplicity enables us to listen more deeply and live more fully.

Rediscover your sense of child-like wonder and let go of all your seriousness. Reignite your passion for Life in our Arts and Music Hut, our Games Room, our Rock Climbing Gym, our Organic Garden and our Tree House.

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Programs & Retreats

Relax. Revitalize. Rejuvenate. Release tension and restore energy flow, improve your circulation within your body, and re-etablish your energetic flow with Hariharalaya Retreat Centre’s Spa Wellness programs including Blind Shiatsu Massage, Traditional Khmer Massage, Warm Coconut Oil Massage, Shirodhara, Pranic Healing and Intuitive Tarot.

Yoga is much more than physical exercise. It is a way of life. Through the daily practice of movement, breath and meditation you will learn to relax back into the center of our Being and flow with the present moment.

Take time each day to slow down and be present. cultivate stability through the practice of stillness. Meditation is the fire that cleanses your body, heart and mind.

Step into a life changing experience awakened through internal yoga and meditation.


Hariharalaya Retreat Centre
Prasat Bakong (Temple),
NR6, Krong Siem Reap 17000,
Cambodia, Asia

© Hariharalaya Retreat Centre