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Expect a profound and long-lasting, positive change in your overall consciousness. Ayurveda Beach Retreat and Resort Sri Lanka.

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This idyllic resort on the South West coast of Sri Lanka was the first of the three Hiru Ayurveda resorts to be built. In 2009, it was renovated and transformed into an oasis of peace and relaxation. The resort is located in the small fishing village Maggona, to the north of Beruwala, surrounded by an exotic flower garden. Placed on a rocky plateau, 25 meters above the sea, it allows you to enjoy a breathtaking view.


You will reside in one of the 18 harmoniously designed and tastefully furnished guest rooms, which are either located in the former colonial house or the new construction.


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The Ayurveda-centre is the heart of the resort and has ten different treatment rooms. In this special and quiet atmosphere, you will get to enjoy your daily treatments and care from our team of qualified Ayurveda-doctors and professional therapists. There is a large number of Ayurvedic therapies. The doctors will select your individual treatments and therapies that are conducive to your health. Depending on your needs and wishes, some of your treatments will be more intensive, some lighter and milder. These treatments are crucial to remove toxins, energetic blockages, and disharmonies in your body, mind, and soul. The quietness during the physical treatments in combination with the stimulation and massaging of the reflex zones leads to your body’s deep relaxation and inner harmony. Hiru Villa also has an Ayurvedic Cuisine to fit your individual body constitution type.

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Programs & Retreats

The Pachakarma cure embodies the most profound and effective method of physical cleansing and regeneration. Its name can be translated to “five proceedings“ which already hints on the individual steps of the Panchakarma-procedure: cleansing, purification, weight regulation, regeneration, and harmonization of the bio energies. With the Panchakarma cure Hiru Villa can help you treat disorders of the digestive and cardiovascular system, migraines, and depression.

Benefits of Ayurvedic treatments carried out at Hiru Villa are as follows: elimination of all toxic substances, restoring the inner balance, intensive cleansing of the energies, regeneration of all bodily tissues and organs, strengthening the immune system, reducing stress, improving sleep, stimulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, improvement of digestive system, healthy and glowing skin and hair, reducing inflammation, prevention of migraines and headaches.

Hiru Villa pay particular attention to the prevention of the burnout syndrome. 

The Ayurvedic Massages of Hiru Villa uses Oils to apply for detox of the skin, but also enter deep into the body tissue, thus promotes healthy circulation and joints. This treatment has a very balancing effect on our body and mind and is excellent for detoxifying your body. Ayurvedic massage therapy also affect the inner organs, such as the heart or lunges. It activates the body’s energy flow and ensure a deep relaxation. At the Ayurveda resorts, you can expect a profound and long-lasting, positive change in your overall consciousness – optimally integrated into the yoga, qi gong, and meditation lessons of your recreational vacation. You will gain new joie de vivre, balance, and strength.

Gain the best Holistic Ayurvedic experience to reconnect and harmonize yourself spiritually, mentally and physically.


Hiru Villa
Ayurveda Beach Retreat and Resort Sri Lanka
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