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A hot spring ryokan with views of Mt. Yusaka and echoes of the babbling nearby Sukumo River

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KAI Hakone is a hot spring ryokan with rooms offering river views. There is much here that reflects the culture and nature of Hakone, from parquet furnishings to hot spring baths that open out onto vibrant natural scenery, as well as exclusive activities that give a taste of this traditional hot spring town’s history.


Nature spreads all around KAI Hakone, allowing guests to enjoy the seasonal scenery and the sounds of the nearby Sukumo River from the comfort of their rooms. Low sofas and beds give each room a spacious feel, while our Signature Rooms feature parquet furniture.


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KAI Hakone, the rooms feature contemporary furnishings made by master artisans who practice a style of parquetry traditional to Hakone.

Guests are served kaiseki course meals that use plenty of seasonal land and sea ingredients. Some dishes feature Japanese ingredients prepared with Western culinary techniques—a style that developed from the West’s long love affair with Hakone’s hot springs. The Yuagari Lounge located between the men’s and women’s bath halls, allows guests to cool off after a bath while sipping on a refreshing beverage inspired by the local culture.

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Hakone is home to twenty hot springs that are known for their therapeutic effects. Yumoto, which supplies our semi-open baths, is particularly famous. Each bath hall offers a view of Mt. Yusaka and echoes with the babbling of the nearby Sukumo River. Bath halls are semi-open to provide guests with a more naturalistic bathing experience.

At KAI Hakone, activities revolve around a style of parquetry that has traditionally been practiced in Hakone. The craft is known for its colorful patterns that make use of the area’s diverse tree population. Activities include tea sessions, storytelling, and even crafting workshops.

Travelers in the past would stop at teahouses known as chaya to rest and exchange information. Parquetry chaya activity recreates that scene with refreshments served on or in Hakone parquetry. Secrets of parquetry is a pictorial storytelling session is held everyday to offer guests an enjoyable introduction to Hakone parquetry.

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