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After warming in the cypress-lined baths, guests are invited to relax sipping on a refreshing burdock tea or an apple cider vinegar concoction.

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KAI Tsugaru is a hot spring ryokan in northern Japan. The ryokan is a quiet place designed for guests to get the most out of the local culture, from apple-scented baths fed by the famous Owani Hot Spring to Tsugaru shamisen lute concerts in front of walls depicting Tsugaru’s dynamic coastal scenery. The ryokan is also conveniently located near Aomori sightseeing spots including Hirosaki Castle and the Oirase Stream.


There are 41 rooms and several different layouts to choose from, including the Western-style rooms with twin beds, rooms with Western-style bedrooms and Japanese-style living rooms, as well as rooms that come with their own private outdoor hot spring bath. All Signature Rooms feature ornamentation made with Tsugaru koginzashi needlework.


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At KAI Tsugaru, the rooms serve as galleries that showcase the Tsugaru koginzashi needlework of contemporary artist Iemasa Yamabata, whose work adorns the walls, doors, and furniture. Originally developed as a way to enhance the durability and warmth of clothes for the cold northern winters, this beautiful craft is now a symbol of traditional Aomori culture.

This is the standard kaiseki meal featured at KAI Tsugaru, with dishes inspired by Tsugaru culinary culture that contain a variety of unqiue flavors all prepared with the finest locally sourced ingredients including the famous Aomori apples. Please enjoy each exciting taste at your own pace in this multi-course meal.

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Bath halls feature large windows that look out onto beautiful scenes of nature, from lush greenery in the spring and summer to the vibrant colors of fall, and the thick blankets of snow that cover the Japanese garden in the winter. Enjoy a view only available at KAI Tsugaru hot springs. After warming themselves in the cypress-lined baths, guests are invited to relax here while sipping on a refreshing local beverage, which we recommend such as burdock tea or an apple cider vinegar concoction.

At KAI Tsugaru, guests are treated to the vibrant, powerful sounds of the Tsugaru shamisen lute through daily concerts in the lobby performed by national champion Kohei Shibuya, as well as resident musicians who have trained under him. The Tsugaru shamisen, a live session,  involves a lute that is thwacked rather than strummed, which is why it produces such a bold sound. Listening to the instrument’s raw sound live is a truly revelatory experience.

An invitation to immerse yourself in the rich ryokan Japanese culture.


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