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Nestled in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea in the Outaouais region on the outskirts of Gatineau Park, Nordik Spa-Nature is the largest spa in North America. This relaxation and wellness centre focuses on thermotherapy and relaxation techniques, offering a multisensory experience in a natural setting. Our goal is to improve your health and well-being.


It’s time to do things differently! Come discover our cottages surrounded by nature, perched atop Nordik Road in Chelsea, offering a breathtaking view of the hills of Gatineau Park and downtown Ottawa. Our spaces have been perfectly designed to welcome your group, so that you may enjoy a very memorable moment. Let yourself be charmed by the environment and the thousand and one activities at your doorstep…a pleasure for all vacationers.


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A saltwater flotation pool. Experience mental and physical bliss, as well as weightlessness, in the Källa treatment – our Epsom salt flotation pool inspired by the Dead Sea. It encourages restorative sleep, helps with inflammation and muscle recovery, stimulates creativity, reduces stress, and releases tension.

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Programs & Retreats

Massages, body treatments, rituals. When you plan your visit to Nordik Spa-Nature, you’re making an important appointment for your well-being. To make sure your visit is as beneficial as possible, check out our wide range of massages, body care treatments, and rituals.
Thermotherapy is a treatment that involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures, followed by a rest period. This relaxation ritual is based on a 2000-year-old tradition founded in Nordic countries.
Better sleep, improved physical health, accelerated recovery and healing… the benefits from thermotherapy are many. You might be surprised, but studies show that thermotherapy can also help fight mild depression, loss of appetite and anorexia.
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When you plan your visit to Nordik Spa-Nature, you’re making an important appointment for your well-being.


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