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Costa Rica

Suspend your ordinary life and dive into a spectacular adventure into the alchemy of the mystic in the high valley jungles of Costa Rica.
 Luxury Wellness Costa Rica.


Let the volume of nature place you in a world both raw and luxurious. ORIGINS offers a chance to rediscover the world that is in front of you, to ally your thoughts and wonder in a connection to what you like, old and new. At ORIGINS, our team is sincerely committed to looking after each and every guest with extreme care. To do so, we find it essential to deliver more than decadent details and breathtaking vistas. We must strive to provide a nourishing experience richer than world-class cuisine and more profound than personalized pampering. The essence of ORIGINS, at its very core, is to offer a nurturing environment in which one can uncover the true meaning of wellbeing.


High up on a mountainside, overlooking the out stretched valley below, ORIGINS offers an exclusive escape into a World shaped by Nature and tamed by Luxury. An incomparable opportunity for serenity within the wilds of the rainforest is an experience like no other. Where tranquility is part of our hospitality and adventure is in every possibility. ORIGINS is the vacation you have always dreamed of taking!


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Upon arriving at our estate, perched atop the mountainside overlooking the unspoiled wilderness of Costa Ria, one can effortlessly and instantly establish a deep connection with nature and an appreciation for its abundance. In this enchanting environment, it is instinctive to seek the insights of the earth and its elements to quiet the mind, replenish the body and invigorate the soul.

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Programs & Retreats

At ORIGINS, we invite you to return to your roots – your origins – and join us on a gentle journey of holistic healing in which we turn to the elements of the earth and the wisdom, traditions and rituals of our heritage to achieve ultimate wellbeing.
Simply observing nature can have a profound impact on our wellbeing, yet the earth offers so much more than scenic stress relief and fresh air. Our precious planet provides us with all that we need to grow, heal and thrive. Respected sages, shamans and healers of the past understood this and believed in the interconnectivity between all living beings, the elements and energy all around us. These insights empowered our ancestors to explore the possibilities and powers of natural, holistic healing. In present day, many ancient practices and remedies are returning to the forefront of wellness.
At ORIGINS, we provide a variety of holistic therapies inspired by our ancestors. These include yoga andmindful movement practice, massage therapy, reflexology, nervous system release therapy, meditation, energy healing, sound and vibration therapy, emotional release therapy (sometimes known as biodecoding) and more.

Influenced by the pre-Colombian circular architecture of Costa Rica, ORIGINS is one of the few places in the country that is enliven by this forgotten history. We invite you to experience this extraordinary beginning in one of the highest pristine areas of the world.


Luxury Wellness Costa Rica
Pueblo Nuevo, Bijagua, Alajuela,
Costa Rica 21304

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