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Feel the purity of nature and let the swirling mist slowly descending from the hills of Panchalimedu to guide you through a transformative wellness journey. Natural Medicine and Wellness Clinic India.

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The lush green hills of Panchalimedu lead you to a haven for holistic healing. As you soak in the goodness of a pristine environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we guide you through a transformative journey. A journey that lets you discover a life in tune with nature. A meditative pause from the stressful and mindless lifestyle of modern times. A chance to listen to your body, mind and spirit and feel the real sense of well-being. Nature inspires and protects you as you prepare to embark on a healing experience that unfolds within you.


Prakriti Shakti has 19 cottages in 3 distinct styles. We have taken care to invite the serenity and viridescence of Panchalimedu into your living space. Living in these cottages is like seeking sanctuary in nature’s comforting embrace.


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The benevolence of nature is our source of strength and for therapies, we solely use the elements of nature in the purest form. Being in a beautifully serene and untainted setting gives us the privilege of having fresh air, pure water, untouched soil, abundant sunlight and virgin forests for facilitating the treatments. By devoting themselves to the practice of Yoga and Naturopathy in the most authentic way, our team of doctors and therapists are able to handhold you through a harmonious phase of holistic mental, physical and spiritual awakening.

The teachings of Yoga are central to the way of life in Prakriti Shakti. Your time in Prakriti Shakti prepares you to make Yoga a part of your everyday life.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

The elements of nature are the healing agents in Natural Medicine and treatments like Hydrotherapy, Mud therapy and Heliotherapy let these elements interact with the body and facilitate healing and rejuvenation.

Energy Medicine is brought into the treatment programmes to aid the self-healing process and help you regain vitalism: Acupuncture & Acupressure, Reflexology, Cupping and Moxibustion.

Treatment Programmes

  • Punarjani: Rebirth from Aliments
  • Treatment for Diabetes
  • Treatment for Hypertension
  • Treatment for High Cholesterol
  • Weight Management
  • Treatment for Stress Induced Disorders
  • Treatment for Obesity
  • Naturopathy Detox
  • Cardiac Health Conditions

Medical conditions treated by Prakirti Shakti are Respiratory Diseases, Neurological Disorders , Musculoskeletal and Joint Disorders , Hormonal And Metabolic Disorders, Infertility, Rehabilitation Allergic and Autoimmune Disorders, Gynaecological Disorders Gastro Intestinal Disorders

An all-pervading harmony unsnarling your inner conflicts and ushering in peace and tranquility.


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