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Take sanctuary in an environment purpose-built for healing, personal reflection and self-discovery. Spa Wellness Retreats Australia.

© Samadhi Spa And Wellness Retreat


Samadhi remains a safe haven in these changing times. As a private, bespoke travel experience located near Melbourne Samadhi offer beautiful surrounds, open rural landscapes nurturing your own well appointed exclusive private residence. Nutritious & delicious plant-based organic food prepared daily and served within the privacy of your own spacious retreat. Our focus is to help strengthen your immune system, build resilience and empowerment through a balanced program of health & wellness services.


Experience luxury private living quarters, contemporary design with Asian-inspired interiors, flowing indoor/outdoor spaces tranquil courtyards, sculpture gardens and much more.


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Navigating Samadhi’s offerings is a journey towards your better self. It’s about becoming more of what you need for optimal health and wellbeing, and if you wish, an authentic journey of self discovery and personal renewal. Some people come with a particular focus they want to address. Others come for a recharge…a more general health and wellness focus through Samadhi’s unique program offerings.

We have been crafting programs for our guests for over two decades and have assisted many people to come to know their best self more fully. From this experience we have put together a range of customized programs that we feel encapsulates the spirit of our guest enquiries. They can be taken as a singular program to help you make a shift and/or circuit break a current pattern of stress, or we can create a specific annual program of retreats to help you create long lasting and enduring change.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

The 6 unique Retreat programs offered by Samadhi are as follows:
ENERGISE – To rest, relax, recharge and reignite my body, mind and spirit
NURTURE – To nourish, nurture and restore a more loving balance within me
WHOLENESS – To explore challenges, re-orient perspectives and find the motivation to make lasting positive change
INNER PEACE – To sit within a sanctuary of peace, calm the mind, still the emotions, and cultivate a clarity that can dissolve the sense of chaos and overwhelm
TRANSFORMATION – To be helped to make a fundamental shift in awareness, to integrate positive change and take it forward
ILLUMINATE – To explore a deeper sense of meaning from one’s life and experience…to look beyond what you know into the unknown.

Samadhi’s soul centered approach to healing includes Healthy Ageing, Spiritual Wellness, Emotional Balance. Loss and Bereavement, Building Self-esteem, Stress, Fatigue and burnout, Relationship Renewal, Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations, Detox and Cleanse.

From toning to drumming to crystal sound healing bowls – research suggests that music and soothing sounds can help us overcome the effects of stress and anxiety and Samadhi offers you just that with Music healing sessions.

Integrate body, mind, heart and soul with Samadhi.


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