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A complete holistic healing that will go beyond the period of treatment. Luxury Wellness Sri Lanka.


A world of luxury and new discoveries await you at The Fortress Resort & Spa. Blending timeless elegance and colonial style design set against the backdrop of Galle Beach and the surrounding area, we provide the perfect coastal escape for romance and adventure. Our world class service, indulgent comforts and eco experiences, make us truly stand out amongst Sri Lankan resorts. Cocooned in calmness and combining innovative wellness rituals with traditional healing, experience a sense of true bliss. Sri Lanka is known for some of the world’s best holistic therapies, especially in terms of Ayurveda which forms an integral part of what we have to offer.


Choose from a wide selection of accommodation at The Fortress Resort & Spa, where colonial charm and modern elegance come together to create a one of a kind getaway amongst luxury boutique hotels in Galle. All 53 of the suites and guest rooms are designed to provide you with nothing but the best of opulence and a host of amenities to make you all the more comfortable. There are four room types ranging from Fortress Rooms to Ocean Rooms, Beach Rooms and Beach Splash Rooms.


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The Fortress offer both signature treatments and  customised Ayurveda packages, giving you the chance to experience authentic Sri Lankan healing rituals. Utilising all natural herbs and oils, this form of holistic wellness is administered by a specialist ayurvedic doctor who helps you select a package that suits your specific needs and Prakriti (body constitution). The onsite Spa Naturel also offers classical spa rituals which incorporate rejuvenating baths, wraps and scrubs, stress relieving massages and revitalising beauty care. As part of the treatments, The Fortress provide a special complimentary bath as well as reviving water therapies be it at the sauna or by way of a hot steam bath.

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Programs & Retreats

Using a completely holistic approach to bring the mind, body and soul into balance with nature, Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old tried and tested system of medicine. Ayurveda translates to ‘The Knowledge of Life’ and originates from the Indian subcontinent. Recognising we’re all unique and the need for a healthier lifestyle, Ayurveda primarily focuses on yoga, herbal remedies, massage, lifestyle and diet. Address your health concerns from spiritual, emotional and physical perspectives with Ayurvedic Doctor consultations – where you’ll receive suggestions for stress management, emotional healing, diet plans, exercise, nutritional and herbal supplements

  • Detox, re-balance and rejuvenate – 14 day program
  • Anti-cellulite and weight loss – 14 day program
  • Wellness package – 7 day program
  • Sahana (healing) Ayurveda – 4 day program


Come discover what nature’s healing powers and complete well-being is all about.


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