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A transformative Ayurvedic destination to give you the best rejuvenation experience amidst a natural setting. The leading Ayurveda Retreat and Resort Kandy Sri Lanka.

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Hotel Tree of Life is one of the best hotels in Kandy that offers traditional ayurvedic treatments at its very own Ayuuwellness Village, a secluded hill country sanctuary to discover ‘the knowledge of life’. This unique retreat, with its 65 acres of lush greenery surrounding is not just a place to stay but a place to relax, learn and experience the splendors of nature and culture and add so much more to one’s travel diary. Respecting each individual’s preference to their health & wellbeing, the resort is located within the close proximity to the historic temple of tooth relic, surrounded with regal splendor and monarchical charms from an era of Kings and Queens.


Hotel Tree of Life is more popular for chalets accommodation, that includes custom designed with hardwood floors and high roofs to add an extra touch of comfort together with modern amenities at your fingertips. The charming spacious chalets are gorgeously clothed in chestnut hued wooden accents and traditional Sri Lankan touches.


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Ayuuwellness Village that consists of all modern luxuries amalgamated with the authentic wellness practices to provide you with the best in body, beauty and spiritual well being.

Facilitating both spiritual wellness and physical wellness, all therapies are designed with extreme care and attention. Contemporary in the spaces, yet traditional in customs, you can sink into the warmth of the resort’s care by sharing the wonders of it’s ancient healing science.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

The carefully crafted therapies of the resort are a combination of results-focused techniques, age old wisdom and traditional spa expertise using powerful and effective botanically active formulations that address skin, body and lifestyle concerns and allow you to relax and revive.

  • SLIMMING PROGRAM, is a Panchakarma based treatment which helps to reduce excess body weight. It includes special treatments using Herbal Pulp massage and a weight reduction plan.
  • THE HERBAL SAUNA is a chamber with inner walls built out of numerous dried herbs. It bring out the real aroma once heated. This will stimulate the respiratory system and supple your body.
  • STEAM BATH is a soothing form of wet-fomentation, it involves an oil infused massage which result in multitude of benefits such as removing toxins from body, boosting energy levels, infusing mental clarity and increasing resilience while restoring moisture in tissues and opening clogged pores of the skin.
  • MASSAGES: Choose from indulgent traditional ayurveda massages & traditional facial treatments.
  • HERBAL BATH SAUNA is a chamber with inner walls built out of numerous dried herbs. It bring out the real aroma once heated. This will stimulate the respiratory system and supple your body.

Get pampered with pure serenity to refresh your spirit, remedy the soul and replenish the senses.


Tree of Life Nature Resort
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