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Sri Lanka

Explore and experience the South of Sri Lanka from Tri.


Tri is Sri Lanka’s first truly contemporary sustainable luxury design hotel. Not far from Galle Fort, on the shores of Koggala Lake (Sri Lanka’s largest natural lake) and within easy reach of the best beaches in the south, 11 suites spiral a six-acre hill of outstanding natural beauty. Ecotourism has never been so inspiring.




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The essence of wellbeing and the concept of inner journey are ever-present at Tri – informed by co-founder Lara Drummond’s Quantum Yoga approach. Nourishing food, a nurturing approach, sustainable process and spiritual practice combine to invite all to tread lightly on the environment, yet delve deeply within.

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Programs & Retreats

The yoga shala is an elegant, elevated retreat space for the physical and spiritual practice of Quantum Yoga. This powerful platform offers individualised and dynamic self-healing through yoga, breath and meditation. Quantum Yoga – created by Lara Baumann Drummond – is a dynamic flowing exercise suited to your individual needs and designed based on an effective and safe grouping and sequencing system. It’s a yoga path that always resonates with your personal requirements and balances your inner nature, with the aim of bringing you into a state of greater harmony with the environment. Also, it’s a spiritual system that adopts the holistic approach to health from the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, while embracing the modern insights of Quantum Physics to maximize one’s power of conscious manifestation. Lara Baumann teaches the Quantum Method of Yoga to all levels of students both publicly and privately worldwide.

Wellbeing at Tri is rather special. Overlooking the treetops, the two treatment rooms with cool white terrazzo walls, natural slate floors and large windows, and sheltered relaxation space, promise tranquility in which to enjoy expert Ayurvedic and other therapies.


Sri Lanka

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