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Known as the principal residence of the Jodhpur royal family, Umaid Bhavan Palace is a golden-hued desert sandstone monument. Rediscovering yourself in this architectural masterpiece is an experience in itself. Luxury Ayurveda Wellness India.

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Perched on Chittar Hill, the highest point in Jodhpur, Umaid Bhawan Palace inspires with exotic views of the historical Blue City, vast sand dunes, and intimidating Mehrangarh Fort. This heritage palace hotel in Jodhpur is conveniently located 20 minutes from the airport, close to the main shopping areas, and the Balsamand and Kalyana lakes.

The last of the great palaces of India, the property houses a family museum, as well as the resplendent Umaid Bhawan Palace. Take a heritage walk and relive a fascinating bygone era brought to life through majestic monuments. Soak in the original architecture of a fascinating bygone era and discover the rich history of a palace that has enjoyed actual royal company—Maharani Badan Kanwar of Jodhpur having lived here. Stroll through the lush, landscaped Baradari Lawns, perfect for those who have always envisioned a fairy tale wedding. Come, experience luxury like the royals did.


Set amidst 26 acres of lush gardens, with dancing peacocks and a subterranean Zodiac Pool, our 5 star hotel in Jodhpur offers 70 utterly breathtaking Art Deco- style rooms and suites.


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Home of the erstwhile Jodhpur royal family and currently the world’s sixth-largest private residence, the palace has one thing in common with the iconic Taj Mahal at Agra—the palm court marble used in its construction.

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Soothe your mind and body with yoga and meditation sessions offered by Umaid Bhawan Palace. Balanced Yoga session helps you extract the benefits of traditional processes that can aid the wellness of your body and mind. In the advanced sessions, classic Asanas such as prānāyāmā, mudra and bandha are practiced which help in achieving mental wellness  Transport yourself to new heights of relaxation with this ideal yoga session designed to diminish the effects of jet lag through Abhilaya. Achieve a sense of calmness unlike other with the ancient yoga sequence of sun salutation which is a tribute to the sun, an emblem of spiritual consciousness with Advanced Surya Namaskar. Gentle session includes asanas of intermediate level which help in loosening and rotating the chief joints of the body. The ‘Dynamic’ sessions consist largely of asanas and energetic movements of the body to increase flexibility.

Pranayama is a Yoga technique to control our breathing and as a result, increase the flow of energy within ourselves Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana, conducted early morning, this treatment helps in cleansing the intestines through intake of saline water and a sequence of asanas alternatively. Kunjal Kriya is the act of cleansing the chest, stomach and digestive system with the help of saline water to cure problems like acidity and asthma Jala Neti is a traditional Yoga technique that uses saline water to cleanse and purify the nasal passages. Designed to emanate positivity, this Vedic retreat of advanced Yoga Nidra offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. In the advanced sessions, classic Asanas such as prānāyāmā, mudra and bandha are practiced which help in achieving mental wellness.

Hirdayakasha Dharana is a practice makes you more aware of emotions and helps you express and communicate them. Combined with Trataka (candle flame gazing), this technique is known to relieve mental tension, anxiety and in some cases even depression. In Ajapa Japa, you’re made aware of your passage of breath and required to spontaneously repeat a mantra. The process is known to be supremely calming and therapeutic for many. In Antar Mouna, you’re a silent witness of the things that traverse your mind from thoughts to images to reactions. An amazing way to focus and find calmness in silence.

Umaid Bhawan Palace is a magnificent piece of Rajasthan’s heritage, and a symbol of new Jodhpur that will take you on a royal journey of harmony, rejuvenation and healing.


Umaid Bhawan Palace
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