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The harmony of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects is vital to the overall good health, and UTMT just gives you that.


Located on the south coast of Sri Lanka, UTMT is many things: a personally run boutique hotel, a highly competent Ayurveda spa, and a high-spirited beachside hotel. In other words, a battery recharger for your soul. Flanked by 273 coconut palms, Sri Lanka’s southernmost beach hotel greets you with 22 unique rooms and villas. Buoyed by your private pool, gaze out into the endless visual worlds of the ocean. Until your toes are completely wrinkled. Out on the private beach, allowing the sounds of the surf to wash over you and the sun to tickle your skin. Until your eyelids grow heavy. Browsing the selection of the tea salon, tasting the diversity of Ceylon on your tongue. Until the fresh air makes you hungry.


At Underneath the Mango Tree Beach & Spa Resort in Sri Lanka, you have approximately 50 different accommodation options. 22 of these are divided between 13 double rooms, 5 villas, 3 suites as well as the Grand Villa.


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UTMT offers you facilities and professional guidance true to the traditional teachings of Ayurveda. With the help of the professional Ayurveda physicians, the precise treatments are custom-tailored to you as an individual. Central elements of Ayurveda include Ayurveda massages, nutrition, spiritual yoga exercises, meditation and herbal medicine. In addition to several treatment rooms, the spa area also features relaxation zones, while the 25 m swimming pool invites you to cool off or enjoy a good workout during your health-focused holiday.

Ayurveda describes three different life energies, the so-called Doshas: * Vata (wind, air and ether) involves movement. * Pitta (fire and water) addresses a person’s fiery nature and metabolism. * Kapha (earth and water) is the structural principle. Ayurveda involves evaluating the presence and interaction between those three Doshas. At UTMT, with that diagnosis complete, the Ayurveda doctor develops a holistic therapy program tailored to the person’s precise needs. Nutrition will also be adapted according to the Dosha analysis. The benefits of an Ayurveda program reach fullest effect in a harmonious setting.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Ayurveda Intense: Panchakarma is a unique Ayurveda cleansing program offered at UTMT. It focuses on your personal constitution and involves evaluation of the “three Doshas” by the physicians. This particular program under the guidance of doctors lasts at least 10 days.

Discover the diet program and experience sustained weight loss with targeted detoxing measures and treatments combined with gentle exercise. These help expel toxins and waste material from your body – within a short time you will feel truly unburdened and find new lightness, vitality and mobility.

Detox Yoga Program: Holistic, detoxifying regeneration therapy for improved vitality and sustained good health. Metabolic waste products and toxins are removed from the body, the intestinal flora can regenerate, the immune system is activated and the body’s own defensive mechanisms are strengthened. 

At the beginning of the Ayurveda Pure therapy program, the Ayurveda doctor will determine your constitutional type and put together a program custom-tailored to you. Full-body massages with warm oils as well as steam baths promote inner vitality and cleansing. At the same time, Ayurvedic herbal compounds we have created ourselves produce soothing and healing effects. Special herbal medicines add the finishing touches to this program.

Absorb the positive energy and tranquility to your very core.


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