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Vana is a luxury wellness retreat in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.


Vana believes that it is only by aspiring to achieve our best spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual self, we can live life wholesomely. With the recurring demands and stress placed on us by the consensus driven, constantly changing world, our wellbeing requires continuous attention, care and effort. Vana provides many personal paths to address this necessity. Our wellbeing is also influenced by our environment, relationships and society. Indian Wisdom expounds that a spiritual journey is only possible when we understand our inextricable interdependence with everything.




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Vana almost seems a contradiction – a forest touching it on one side, and nestled between the city of Dehradun and the hill station of Mussoorie. Over the years, the outside world has crept nearer to our 20 acre Retreat, and yet just inside its boundaries, one enters a different world. The Retreat’s neutral coloured walls are seen amidst its trees and orchards, with pebbled paths and stone walls cutting through, and bamboo groves gently swaying. Vana’s spaces are sometimes vast but always humble, seeking to evoke a sense of wellbeing. Held together by its skilful team, the experiences at Vana reflect its sincere intentions and generosity. Trees, plants, birds, monkeys, butterflies and insects all coexist in peace at Vana.

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Vana is a luxury wellness retreat India  and fortunate to be in India where wisdom, wellness, nutrition and food are seen interdependently. Its wellness offering, therefore, is based on Ayurveda, Yoga and Sowa Rigpa. Your retreat at Vana can differ greatly depending on your length of stay, how deeply you wish to go into your wellness and the level of independence or hand holding you need. Longer retreats bring deeper transformation and have proved life changing for our growing community of Vanavasis. Our endeavour with you is to create a wholesome and interdependent sense of wellbeing.

Vana exists to serve its Vanavasis, its Team, its growing community of Shishyas, its country and Nature. Everyone with whom our karma intersects and whose wellbeing we enhance in some way, becomes part of the Vana Family.


Luxury wellness retreat India
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