Pain Influence and Peacefood

Ruediger Dahlke M.D.

Ruediger Dahlke M.D.

In terms of disease pattern interpretation, pain is a meaningful signal from the body that seeks to direct our attention to a problem.

This can be seen well in dentists. They would never eliminate pain in the dentition with painkillers before they had researched its cause. Only in so-called human medicine has the attitude prevailed to suppress headache or joint pain from the beginning with allopathic remedies. The medicine of “disease as a symbol” always takes pain seriously as a warning signal and investigates its causes. In fact, a lot must have gone wrong in the consciousness until the body calls for help in the form of pain and often even cries out. In this respect, it is important to take every pain seriously as a cry for help. This is often done by conventional medicine, for example in the case of heart or kidney pain.
The fact that pain can be interpreted in this direction is also shown by the fact that it often disappears when we feel the body. When we consciously turn to them and feel into them, they increase for a short time, and then, after they have delivered their message, they often disappear. It is as if they feel accepted.

Almost everyone is familiar with the situation when a slight toothache worries them subliminally, but they prefer to postpone a visit to the dentist. However, if a planned vacation is approaching, it is better to go to the doctor beforehand. As soon as one sits on the dentist’s chair and wants to indicate the aching tooth, it is silent and inconspicuous. The pain has received what it wanted, attention, and is satisfied with it. As a rule, the dentist finds the problem anyway with appropriate examinations, and the signal effect of the pain has fulfilled its purpose.
However, pain or a tendency to it can also indicate a derailed metabolic situation, as it is present in the form of hyperacidity in most omnivores today. In a state of hyperacidity not only the sensitivity to pain is increased, but also the tendency to cancer and other typical diseases of civilization. The German Prof. Otto Warburg was able to conclusively prove the connection between hyperacidity and cancer already at the beginning of the last century and was even awarded the Nobel Prize for it.
Lack of exercise also promotes hyperacidity and thus sensitivity to pain, but so does excessive athletic training, which causes the so-called lactate or lactic acid level in the organism to rise.

Moderate endurance training in oxygen equilibrium and natural stretching and light strengthening exercises such as those in this pain-free program are ideal.
In addition, these gentle stretching exercises have been shown to stimulate the formation of synovial fluid, the so-called synovial fluid, which prevents joint problems and thus prevents the development of painful joints in the long term….

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The Founder of Peacefood

Ruediger Dahlke, M.D

born in 1951, a physician and psychotherapist since 1979, completed additional training as a doctor of naturopathy.
With his books on disease pattern interpretation, which have been translated into over 23 languages, he has founded a holistic psychosomatics, which has now also found access to medical association training courses.