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Her fascination for healing and the way of healing in different cultures developed already during Carolins pharmaceutical studies and her travels through India, Australia and Thailand.

As a medical – scientific manager and personality trainer she was responsible for the education and the training of a leading international company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Her own spiritual development deepened through regular journeys to the great masters and yogis of India and through numerous seminars and initiations as well as her own personal daily yoga and mediation practice. The wonderful meeting with Alexander, the impressive experience of her own Divine Straightening, amplified her deep wish to bring together the different parts of life in a meaningful way to help people even more comprehensively. Since 2004 she has been doing this together with Alexander in their spiritual healing centres , where they accompany people on their path to health and contentment. With great inner joy she imparts this healing knowledge in her lectures, in the spiritual healing seminars and as co-author of the books ‘Health as a Path’ and ‘3-Healing Principles’. In 2010 Alexander and Carolin have established the Spiritual Health Foundation. The foundation follows the mission to support the development of spiritual health and well-being of children and dependent people.

I had my personal experience with the Straightening and there was an immediate straightening and evening of my legs.
– Rev. Michael Beckwith, Agape, Los Angeles


Spiritual Healing by Carolin and Alexander Toskar

Divine Straightening® is recognised as a healing assistance for complaints of every kind. And passes the impulse for powerful regeneration and self-healing processes. Experience this spiritual healing with Carolin and Alexander. Many chronic illnesses wouldn’t need to exist, if next to regular medication ‘Medica mente’ meaning ‘healing through the Divine spirit’ stood in the foreground. What is healed indirectly by remedies is healed directly by the divine spirit.

3-Healing is for anyone who is looking for physical, emotional and mental balance. This method draws on universal principles of healing that can be utilized in daily life.

Divine Straightening encompasses the whole human being in his trinity of body, heart and mind.
The transmitted healing impulses in their essence are the basis of an all-embracing healing on the physical, mental and spiritual level of our being. It creates the balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues. The transmitted healing impulses create a balance and spiritual order on physical, mental and emotional issues. The moment of Divine Straightening is a moment when we recognize the divine within us. People experience their inner communion with everything living and can become who we truly are – spiritually whole and healthy. Those who come seeking health see and feel the changes on the treatment couch and days later. Thus a woman reports: ‚And it‘s still working. It never fails to bring a smile to my face, because it‘s also expanded what I believe is possible in life.‘


Divine Straightening® Session, 3-Healing® treatment in cases of chronic complaints, mental, emotional encumbrances and in acute situations on request