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Wuppertal, NRW

Your intestine is the key to your healthy life. Intestinal problems can have many causes – let us find out together where your complaints really and causally come from and what therapy concepts there are for them.

Sometimes these are very individual life situations, often also consequences of our modern way of life, influenced by stress, wrong biorhythms, low-fibre one-sided nutrition, over-acidification of the body tissue, medicines such as antibiotics, but also environmental influences have a considerable influence on the digestive system and lead to complaints such as bad breath, belching, heartburn, nausea, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, diarrhoea , stomach and intestinal cramps as well as (chronic) intestinal inflammations.

Adrian Stoenescu, MD, is “Germany’s leading causal physician”.
As a holistic doctor, I first study your submitted records, then examine you and find out in a careful and worldwide unique cause research which healing method can help you most quickly and effectively.
The anamnesis and my very precise diagnostics often reveal underlying inflammations, deficiencies or metabolic blockages. This can maintain or trigger (chronic) systemic and organ diseases as well as autoimmune diseases.

Dr Adrian Stoenescu is a doctor specialising in gut health and Germany’s leading cause doctor in Germany.


The first step is to really understand your medical history in depth and, in the next step, to find the origin of your illness or your complaints. And only then will I find the right therapy for you.


In our private practice, the search for the causes of a disease or symptomatology plays the main role.


Dr. med. Adrian Stoenescu
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