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understand | heal | unfold. These are the principles with which I accompany and support people. The goal is to help people to deeper spiritual insights and full development.

My offer is focused on helping people understand more about themselves and their environment, to heal old hurts and to fully unfold and blossom. To do this, I use both my many years of training in meditation and the Buddhist view from Asia, as well as other therapeutic approaches from Europe / USA.

Those who have a deeper understanding of themselves and their environment are better able to surrender to the process of healing and experience fewer obstacles to their unfolding, both on the mundane and spiritual levels.


I grew up in Thurgau in a Swedish-Swiss home. Since we are an international family and my parents loved to travel, I came into contact with many different cultures as a child. After my German/Nordic studies I lived in India and Nepal for 16 years. During my Asian years I studied Buddhist philosophy, meditation and Tibetan and spent four years in closed meditation retreat. In India, I built a monastery in the Himalayas with my teacher and assisted him in his work at an international retreat center. I accompanied and supported many people in their developmental processes in the three-year retreat. In 2004 I was recognized by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche as an authorized teacher.
Since 2006 I am a mother of a son and spent the first years with my family in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2011 I returned to Switzerland. In order to better combine my training in Buddha Dharma with western concerns, I completed the additional trainings as a psychological counselor, as a biography writing pedagogue and the “Swiss Adult Education Certificate”. From 2013- 2016 I worked at the Frauenenseminar Bodensee in Romanshorn as a lecturer for communication, psychology, philosophy, biographical writing and meditation. Since summer 2016 I am happy to be self-employed in counseling, meditation and spiritual further education courses as well as spiritual healing.



Since 2014, my path has brought me into contact with healing forces, which I gladly pass on to my clients as a mediator between heaven and earth. Again and again I am impressed how much healing can happen through a session, how much insight can be gained through it. I am full of devotion and gratitude to be allowed to practice this activity.


Ingrid Lama
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