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Mental Training Sports
Sport Mental Training
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Do you want to learn how to not only realise your inner potential through conscious presence, mindfulness and intention in a flow state, but also develop an impressive radiance or aura that transforms you into a winner?

Many of the world’s best athletes have not become the best because they have the most outstanding technique, the best genetics or the greatest endurance. Nor because they had the best coaches, the richest parents or the ideal environment.
They became the best because they wanted to be the best.

They have always visualised who they want to be and what they want to achieve. They managed to divide their big goals into clever intermediate stages and learnt to be positive, compassionate and attentive towards themselves. Most of them have unconsciously transformed themselves into the best version of themselves. Through a form of magic that is often mistakenly understood as the secret art of harnessing supernatural or alien powers. Magic is the art of utilising potentials that are already within you but are currently still dormant and often blocked by your own mind.

It is not about magic, but the magic of inner transformation. Not into an invincible, self-important and unapproachable superhuman who towers above everything and doesn’t like himself – but rather into a person who is moved, who can marvel, who feels alive and engages with his own spirit. In other words, an upright person who is in attentive contact with himself and the world.

“In 35 years as a coach and consultant, I have met countless winners. As different as they all were, they all have an outstanding ability and inner attitude that unites them. From this observation, a model has been developed that you can now adopt and train. It takes you into the mental processes of winners and shows how they “think”, how they see the world and ultimately themselves.”

Sport Mental Training


This mental training for athletes is not about improving athletic performance by controlling the mind, but about building that inner space (the magic zone) that all winners ultimately use to allow flow to emerge inevitably and as a natural result.

Flow is not a sensation of the mind, but the experience of growing beyond yourself, overcoming the shackles of your thinking and realising how natural and easy it can be. In order to experience this “state of excellence”, your mind has to give your enthusiasm the space it needs. And this requires a new understanding and the right intention.


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