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Born with healing hands

Richard is a qualified Hypnotherapist and also an Energy Therapist which he combines to help unblock physical or emotional issues. This combination of talking and sending energy either one to one, by zoom or even remotely has proved for over 30 years to at least to halve healing and recovery time which creates many measurable benefits both emotionally and physically.

Richard Curall only discovered his gift following a near death experience at 17, while saving someone from drowning in Greece. Following this he found to his amazement that he could remove headaches very quickly. Then he also realised that his hands could feel the heat from any painful area of the body and as he sensed the area cool the pain would go. In his journey of self discovery he has had success treating even animals. This included the Queens horses at Buckingham Palace for the Golden Jubilee.

Richard is one of the most authentic and talented healers I have ever encountered. His understated approach and genuine care for humanity allows him to quickly establish meaningful relationships with everyone he meets. It’s these deep connections that allows him to tap into what’s really going on with people and work with them to refuel and build ongoing strategies to help them heal. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard as part of any wellness approach.


Working as a Healer in the UK and Internationally.
In my capacity as General Manager of Svarga Loka Resort in Ubud, Bali in 2015, Richard acted as a wellness practitioner in-residence, and was able to add great value not only to guests, but to the hotel staff, and local community. It’s an honour to call Richard one of my dearest friends and colleague.
Founder 6 Degrees Spa Consulting