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The basis for all our anti-aging treatments is thermal mud generously enriched with thermal algae.


Experience the style of a Grand Hotel with a luxury Spa. This is the pleasure reserved to those who love staying at the world’s finest hotels and seek out the same luxury when at the Spa. Located downtown Abano Terme, Abano Grand Hotel turns a spa stay into a luxury experience. A vast park featuring tropical trees and hosting three thermal water pools surrounds the building where thermal mud treatments and anti-aging programs are delivered in all the glamour of a 5-star luxury hotel.


Stay in magnificent suites with large, furnished balconies overlooking the park and the swimming pools for those seeking a relaxing spa weekend.


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Abano Grand Hotel draws its thermal water — rich in precious minerals and with a temperature of up to 86°C (187°F) — from 800 meters (half a mile) below ground and pipes it to the hotel’s thermal pools. Treat yourself to the health benefits of this thermal water at the hotel’s spectacular Romanae Spa, which specializes in anti-aging treatments.

The basis for all our anti-aging treatments is thermal mud generously enriched with thermal algae. Because the algae contain a high concentration of lipids, they nourish the skin and make it firmer and more supple. To create the valuable mud-algae compound, we use the thermal water of Abano Terme, which springs at a temperature of 86°C (187°F) inside the hotel’s park. We cool the water and use it in our pools, in our thermal baths, and in all our Spa’s treatments. We mix it with clay from the Euganean Hills and then keep it for at least 60 days at a constant temperature between 40°C and 45°C (104° and 113°F). While the mud is absorbed in the spring water, thermal microalgae develop in it naturally; these microalgae have valuable anti-inflammatory effects and are rich in active ingredients that moisturize the skin.

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Programs & Retreats

To get the most out of Romanae Thermal Spa, treat yourself to our Lifestyle AntiAging program designed to bring your mind and body back in balance and maintain it even after your stay at the hotel ends.

The package includes 7 nights at Abano Grand Hotel, with all meals included, as well as extraordinary moments of thermal health benefits and sensory pleasures every day at the Romanae Thermal Spa.

GoldenTouch, a face treatment based on 24-carat gold, is a cherished way to counteract the signs of aging, regenerate the skin on the cellular level, and improve the body’s production of collagen. It is based on a special, hexapeptide-based formula that has a Botox-like effect on the skin. The costly mask of pure, 24-carat gold, produced by hand with molten gold heated to more than 1,000°C (1,832°F), makes the skin glow and gives it a charming amber hue. To complete the action of the time-release hyaluronic acid, you will enjoy a massage with jade rollers, and the result is long-term moisturized skin and a beautiful and radiant face. The GoldenTouch treatment is inspired by the habits of Queen Cleopatra, who is said to have used a cosmetic mask of gold to maintain and enhance her legendary beauty.

Feel as if you had just traveled back in time to an ancient era, glorious and beautiful (isn’t that what “anti-aging” should be all about?)


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