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Every day of the year, in all seasons, Borgo Egnazia embodies a different concept of hospitality and wellbeing based on local and authentic experiences.


A place unique in the world that brings the tales of Puglia to life through timeless architecture, the beauty and centuries-old culture of the territory, the visionary and contemporary interpretation of tradition. Everything contributes to the search for a new balance and a renewed happiness among tailor-made experiences and a very high level of hospitality. In perfect Puglian style.



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Vair (in local dialect “True”) is the unparalleled Puglian Spa nestled in the heart of Borgo Egnazia.
Here an extraordinary team of talented therapists-artists, musicians and local dancers is ready to guide guests in poetic experiences, following the teachings of the “Science of Happiness”, and creating tailor-made programs according to individual desires and needs. Vair has several areas dedicated to different treatments: the beauty area with the new Nail Lab corner, the fitness area with the gym and heated indoor pool, the community area with relax room, sauna, steam bath and Spa bar, and the most precious Roman Baths deep in the heart of the Spa.
Everything is calibrated to cuddle, soften, and soothe with treatments inspired by Puglia, an ancient and authentic land, with its sacred and profane rituals, the pure beauty of its olive trees and the clean power of the sea breeze. A wonderful journey to re-establish your personal compass and discover a renewed happiness.

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Programs & Retreats

At Borgo Egnazia well-being is everywhere. Whether it is a Spa experience inspired by ancient local techniques, a class of Iyengar yoga or an afternoon dedicated to discovering the natural beauty of the countryside on a cycle tour with a local guide, everyone is free to find his own equilibrium according to taste.
According to the “Science of Happiness”, as we cultivate it, the benefits are multifaceted: we are more likely to live longer lives, to have healthier bodies, to be more innovative and creative, have stronger relationships, and even, have healthier cultures and communities. Authentic relationships and communities are a key factor to the pursuit of happiness. Based on this, Borgo Egnazia & Vair are designing all the guest experiences in order to deliver happiness: from nutrition to fitness, as well as Spa treatments and programs, through a personal and a community approach.
The heart of Vair is its innovative Aroma Lab, developed thanks to a partnership with Luca Fortuna, psychologist and international expert in aromatherapy. The project is based on the synergies between the olfactory system and the neurophysiological effects of essential oils. Smell and memory are closely connected: they evoke memories and emotions, so the aim is to identify the guest’s very own potential for maximizing the state of happiness. The starting point is the olfactory test specifically designed to check happiness levels and then applied to a tailor-made olfactory experience that will accompany guests at Borgo Egnazia, from the Spa to their room.

Here, everything is designed to ensure you spend precious time at your own pace, synchronizing with the Puglian rhythm.


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