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Canyon Ranch Health Resort Tucson USA. Designed for people who are looking for a first-hand experience in all-healthy living.

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People have long sought Canyon Ranch to pursue a dream of wellness. To escape for awhile and transform for life. To find personalized guidance and expert answers that lead to true well-being. Here, more than ever, wellness transforms from something you dream into something you do.

Integrative Canyon Ranch wellness experience “pathways” will point you toward a new life of health, purpose, joy, and energy. Designed around specific wellness intentions, each is expertly bundled for best value and impact, helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use them to guide your journey, or as a starting point to customize your own plan.

Across four decades, Canyon Ranch Tucson has redefined health, pioneering a brand of destination resort that promises you the most valuable destination of all: true well-being of mind, body and spirit. You’ll find new pathways curated with the most impactful ways to lasting health, energy, joy, and peace. And new protocols to keep you safe and healthy along the way.


Newly renovated accommodations are more beautiful than ever, with a modern, airy feel and thoughtful amenities to make your stay a constant pleasure. State-of-the art, smart features allow you to personalize details exactly to your taste.


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Whether you’re pursuing a personal wellness goal or simply want to live healthier for life, you’ll find the expertise and resources you need to succeed. This enlightening, engaging experience has inspired thousands of people take positive, permanent steps toward reaching – and often surpassing – personal aspirations. Whatever road may lead you to Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson, the new experience pathways guide you toward a new life of health, well-being, purpose, joy, and energy. Use these expertly designed programs as the starting point for your journey, or customize your own plan to make the most of your time , and enhance your life long after you leave. Access to fitness trainers, nutritionists, spiritual wellness guides, physicians and certified de-burdeners to help you on your wellness journey.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

LIVE YOUR HEALTHY WEIGHT: When it comes to weight management, one size does not fit all. This personalized experience pairs you with diverse experts who help you identify and achieve your true healthy weight.

OPTIMAL HEALTH EXPLORATION: Consult with integrative wellness experts to address any existing health concerns, make a solid plan to prevent future ones, and learn how to live younger longer.

PERSONAL DISCOVERY: Shape your own schedule and plan, with a program designed for you, by you. Explore or revisit the Ranch, relax, and go with the flow.

OUTDOOR ESCAPE: Lose yourself in the wonders of the Sonoran Desert, and discover the authentic you on a hiking trail, bike ride, and guided adventures that challenge your body and thrill your spirit.

LIFESTYLE RESET: A team of integrative wellness experts helps you re-imagine your way of life, and guides you to a path of greater energy, purpose, and health than ever.

RECONNECT WITH JOY: Deal with loss, recover from trauma, build resiliency, rediscover what fun means to you, and affirm how to make joy a vital nutrient for your well-being.

TRANSITION PURPOSEFULLY: Put planned or unexpected career, relationship and life transitions into perspective with expert guidance that sets the stage for your successful next phase.

LIFE ENHANCEMENT RETREATS: These exclusive seven-day programs concentrate on specific topics, allowing you to focus more intensively on achieving, and even surpassing, your personal goals in a group setting.

Discover a path that leads to the healthiest, happiest, most vibrant you.


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