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A place of inner peace that enchants and inspires people.


Inspired by the ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and the almost-forgotten teachings of alchemy, we offer harmonising full-body treatments, massages and healing baths and create personal beauty treatments tailored to your needs at our Healing Spa Castellum Natura. We summon the strength and gain inspiration from the fertile flora of South Tyrol that surrounds us with its beauty. We use it to create exquisite essences for our sensational alchemistic wellness concept: Our beauty products are freshly prepared by the Castellum team and contain hand-picked elements from nature. This is why common expressions such as Alpine wellness, natural wellness and herbal wellness do not even come close to capturing or describing the philosophy of our Healing Spa.


Twenty suites that emphasise their stylish interiors and historic charm and accentuate their uniqueness.


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Our Alchemistic Healing Spa uses the power and energies of nature to pamper and have an effect on the body, mind and soul in equal measure. We make each of our beauty products using all-natural ingredients according to the ancient alchemistic recipes by our natural healing expert Renate De Mario Gamper. And it’s only natural that we have stopped using any packaged cosmetics ranges throughout our establishment.

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The effective, natural essences are a harmonious addition to the carefully created treatments at the Healing Spa Castellum Natura spa. Every touch, every elixir is tailored to your needs and wishes to accentuate and emphasise your beauty and leave you feeling good. Guests can book four treatment rooms drenched in natural daylight, where the natural essences can take effect.
Full body scrub
Wooden hot tubs
Other steam tub treatments
Nourishing body wraps
Hay flower pillow heat wrap
Herbal stomach compress
Compression wrap
“Salt shirt” and alkaline body wrap
Healing foot care treatment
Bioenergetic meridian treatment

Spoilt by countless hours of sunshine, Castel Fragsburg is nestled on a private hill with in total 50,000 m2 and only 20 suites beneath its very own castle.


Castel Fragsburg
Fragsburg 3
39012 Meran
South Tyrol

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