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The magic and the wisdom of the mayan culture perfectly blends the ancestral techniques with the modern science to offer unique and extraordinary feelings of wellbeing. Wellness Retreats in Mexico.


Chablé Maroma, one of the members of The Leading Hotels of the World, redefines wellness on the coasts of the Riviera Maya. Let yourself be involved by the contemporary design of our spaces that merge with the beaches and its turquoise waters and connect with the rain forest. Experience Mayan culture and its history up close as you celebrate ancient rituals that once made this civilization great.


We honor the Mayan cultural heritage and celebrate the lifestyle of this civilization with spaces designed to connect with nature. The wood in the floors, the ceilings, the completely open walls that integrate with the natural landscapes, the Mayan colors and the regional materials, make Chablé Maroma’s villas an oasis in the middle of the jungle a natural haven.


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Wellbeing is the natural state of life. The Chablé way is about living in harmony with nature, of respecting the rhythms of life, and honoring timeless cultures and traditions. This beautifully balancing treatment reflects life’s constant swing between polarities and the natural movement between thinking and feeling, between waking and sleeping, and between acting and resisting. The Chablé Maroma Spa program celebrates life and life-giving practices. The Spa experience is based on three expressions of movement in the natural world: Purification – Ocean, Balance – Tree and Transformation – Air

At the Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, connect your personal journey with a gentle, spiritual and therapeutic yogic experience suitable for all, beginners, intermediate and advanced Yogis, with our experts combine with the science of Ayurveda which is based on the principle that everything is connected. We are going to teach you the art of eating well and you are going to experience how your food can become your medicine.

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At the Chablé Maroma Spa, we honor and assist the natural balance, promoting health and vitality for all guest through a range of dynamic treatments.

The Fitness Center offers state of the art Technogym equipment for strength, stamina, and resilience. The Spa facilities are equipped with steam, vitality pools, men’s and women’s locker and dressing areas, and Spa amenities with a selection of healthy snack foods.

Every day, Chablé offers a series of activities created to deal with the different moods: introspection or socializing, gentleness or intensity, serenity or vibration. From gentle yoga to pilates in the water, Chablé Maroma offers activities to help you find mindfulness and balance in your life, focusing your breathing and body, helping you find physical and mental peace.

We emphasize on living in harmony with nature and yourself, respecting the rhythm of life and honoring this legendary culture and its traditions.


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