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An Ayurveda holiday in South Tyrol. With sensitivity and expertise, the five-strong Ayurveda team at the Hotel Engel will accompany you on your path to a new awareness.

© Engel Ayurveda Detox


Get out – and start anew. A place of peace and tranquillity in the midst of the Dolomites forms the energising backdrop for an Ayurveda holiday at the Hotel Engel. A place where two worlds meet: the authentic, down-to-earth nature of the “Pale Mountains”, and the lightness of the East in which meditation and elementary power both play important roles. The Hotel Engel is a wellness oasis into which you can drop… and we will be sure to catch you!


Here you will find choice furniture, warm colours and exquisite textiles. There is a pillow menu on request, or even a whole bedroom designed to ensure a good night’s sleep. There is a free-standing imperial-size bath and a four-poster bed, a balcony or a roof terrace with views of the mountains!


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Dr. Vaidya Swami Nath Mishra. A total of five Ayurveda experts will accompany you on your way to your inner self at the Hotel Engel. Here you will be cared for both professionally and enthusiastically with advice, massages and therapy.

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Carmen Kohler, the hotel proprietor whose enthusiasm for the Indian art of healing goes back over ten years, laid the foundations for Ayurveda Dolomites back in 2014. She was inspired by Indian Ayurveda, which draws on the power of the natural world of the Dolomites to ensure personal well-being. The first Ayurveda therapist began working here in the same year that head chef Theodor Falser arrived. This Indian form of medicine was initially incorporated in the programme in the form of individual treatments, but Ayurveda meals were soon added – a balanced diet forms a key pillar of this Oriental philosophy of life. Thus the Ayurveda concept at the Hotel Angel was gradually developed into an all-round offer, indeed a brand in itself – and especially one for the self. Each Ayurveda break begins with a consultation with Dr Mishra, Italy’s only practising Ayurveda physician and one of the best pulse diagnosticians in India. By diagnosing the pulse he can identify each guest’s individual dosha constitution, whose balance can then be restored with targeted treatments, diet and exercise – and the guest thus returned to their inner self.

Peacefulness is a feeling at the spa of the Hotel Engel – and relaxation comes easily. Whether in the quiet rooms, the saunas, in the tea lounge or the heated pools with their views of mountains and forests, those seeking inner balance will come some way closer to finding it here.


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