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There are these places . That touch us deeply. That trigger something in us. And change us forever. Magical places. For us, the HUBERTUS is such a place. Here man and nature connect in a way that touches.

© HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio


A place high up in the mountains. At an altitude of 1,044m. In the middle of a high valley . Surrounded by majestic mountains. Under endless skies. A place of strength and stability. and security. Arrive – come down – come to yourself. And follow the need for rest. Holistic Wellness Resort Germany.


Our suites and rooms stand for: Interior design with modern aesthetics. Accentuated in detail. And dotted in the statement. Light-flooded rooms open the view and connect the outside with the inside. Exciting presentations made from regional materials and flowing fabrics give the room its very own individual touch.


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There are places in nature around the world that have particularly beneficial energy. A force that supports people who know about it to find their center again. Places of power have been and are used for healing in all cultures around the world. There are special places where force fields with increased energy charge and special information are present. Such fields have a healing and beneficial effect on life . They can be felt physically, mentally and spiritually. Balderschwang and the HUBERTUS are such a special place.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Different Retreats and Wellness treatments… Health succeeds when it is understood as the result of the whole and acted accordingly. Health awareness and self-awareness are part of everyday life. Sustainable wellbeing is determined by dealing with routine and daily challenges. Our holistic wellness concept Holistic Life is designed to awaken new life energy. With a holistic touch, holistic spirit and holistic food. The wellness and spa treatments as well as the exercise, relaxation and coaching units as well as the nutritional offers are based on the seasons. And thus also on the human biorhythm.

With HolisticLife, host Christa Traubel developed a holistic wellness and health concept with the intention of bringing body, mind and soul into harmony and awakening new vital energies. It combines natural healing methods such as TCM and Ayurveda with gentle detoxification. From the applications, exercise, relaxation and coaching units to nutrition, the program is based on the cycle of nature and thus also on the human biorhythm. With the differentiation of the HolisticLife program into four seasons, one meets the needs of each individual and uses nature as an energy source for regeneration.

“The purity of the body determines health, beauty, vitality and mental strength. You discover a very special person. You are yourself.”
Christa Traubel


HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio
Holistic Wellness Resort Germany
Allgäu Village 5
87538 Balderschwang

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