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Kokomo draws on Fiji’s natural elements to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate.

© Kokomo Private Island Fiji


Developed with an eye towards sustainable design practices and traditional Fijian nuances Kokomo Private Island’s aesthetic boasts a refined and fresh take on Pacific design. Cradled by the world’s fourth largest reef, the Great Astrolabe Reef, Kokomo provides a virtual portal into an unparalleled underwater world, while the land experiences offer a paradise for adventure seekers, a restorative sanctuary for families and an enticing retreat for honeymooners.

While sustainable travel gains momentum, Kokomo has built its foundation on driving positive change in this arena. Kokomo gave priority to connect and invest in the island, community and the environment that surrounds it. Protection and preservation is key, embracing strategies of diversity and inclusion is paramount, and formulating a green strategy for long term success is the cornerstone of this island home.


The spacious accommodation options of Kokomo Private Island are elegantly furnished, feature traditional Fijian nuances, and are designed to provide a luxury locale you can call your own.


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With a range of blissful treatments and relaxation practices; Kokomo will awaken your senses and before returning to the world completely transformed. 

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Programs & Retreats

Designed to connect you the natural beauty of the island while embracing traditional Fijian nuances, the Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary is nestled in a lush, tropical garden. The relaxation pavilion is located at the heart of the spa and serves as a place to start your journey, transition and relax between treatments. The Yaukuve Spa Sanctuary features five treatment rooms, a wet and dry hammam, hair salon and outdoor relaxation pavilion. Treatments harness the luscious Sodashi skincare range and include rejuvenating facial therapies, Pacific Mastery massages, restorative Kokomo journeys, the revival of hands and tired feet, as well as hair care.

Through yoga, fitness and movement offering, guests can make time for fitness that will reawaken their senses and help them to reconnect with themselves. Relish the benefits of the physical experience, and reap the mental and emotional rewards from a little ‘you’ health time. 

This is your place to take a moment before returning to the world completely transformed.


Kokomo Private Island Fiji
Yaukuve Levu Island,

© Kokomo Private Island Fiji