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Private spa in one of the most beautiful places in Upper Austria.


The character and charm of the former monastery in a unique location above the Inn River are still special today – our spa hotel is an oasis of peace and a source of strength, new energy and inspiration. With us, you can take time for yourself, focus on yourself and discover new ease, lived mindfulness and meaningful simplicity during your cure.
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Our 85 rooms and suites are non-smoking, equipped with a kettle and a select assortment of teas, free from the disturbing influences of electrosmog and water veins.


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Nature can heal – no matter which treasure chest it opens for this purpose. The combination of treatments is a highly complex matter, because at the spa we not only treat according to the symptoms, but also according to type, taking into account life circumstances. The best of the three worlds teaches us to be more mindful of ourselves, to let intuition and gut feeling prevail, to recognise our own limits and reserves.

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In our house, these natural therapies do not exist side by side, but in a special symbiosis from which our guests benefit during their cure. We use the methods and therapies of

Traditional European Medicine (Kneipp),
Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda),
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

and combine these in a special way with the knowledge of conventional medicine. This makes the Kurhaus Schärding a meeting point for TEM, TCM and Ayurveda and enables us to focus not on a single diagnosis but on the person in his or her entirety.

Kneipp, TCM and Ayurveda see the human being as an invididuum with changing needs. If one sees this basic idea detached from the great medical traditions from Europe, China and India, a prevention and healing concept can be put together from it.


Kurhaus Schärding
Konvent Barmherzige Brüder Schärding
Kurhausstraße 6
4780 Schärding am Inn

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