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Feeling disconnected and isolated? Craving a deeper and embodied connection? Come into our space and retreat. Detox Fasting Cleansing in Bali.

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Natural Instinct Healing’s private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre in Ubud, Bali is nestled away in secluded rice paddies; yet a great central location for our guests to enjoy everything the town of Ubud has to offer.

Natural Instinct Healing Retreat facilitate Fasting Detox, Raw Food, Superfood Cleanse and Yoga retreats. The retreat centre is a rare find in Ubud; being a short walk to central Ubud for ‘retail therapy’, but also completely secluded at the end of a small private laneway. The guests often describe the space as an ‘oasis’, like ‘Narnia’, a ‘safe bubble’, and above all else it feels like a ‘safe environment to let go and heal’. The boutique retreat space is an eclectic mix of traditional Balinese and Javanese architecture, with all the luxuries of Western standards. Meandering streams flow around and through the retreat centre, the constant flow and sound of water adds to the ambience of the space.



Bali health retreat centre in Ubud has comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms complemented by beautiful facilities including a pool, yoga pavilion, meditation bale, edible organic gardens scattered throughout the center, and free WIFI.


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For guests who wish to completely unplug, the retreat centre is a true healing oasis away from the bustling streets and buzz of local Bali life. With full seclusion in a central location, the Bali retreat centre location is one of the highlights for guests! The dedicated and experienced team of Western qualified professionals guarantee that the guests are supported every step of the way throughout the retreat experience; to ensure guests achieve their retreat objectives and head home feeling revitalised, energised, and ready to start their ‘new’ life! Supporting the Western staff are an equally important team of local Indonesian staff who make certain the guests enjoy their stay in comfort and allow guests to focus on themselves and the healing process; knowing their every demand will be met with the ever present, and contagious, Balinese smile!

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

BALI RAW LIVE FOOD HEALTH RETREAT focuses on cleansing and detoxing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body through following a raw food diet. 

BALI FASTING DETOX RETREAT focuses on detox and cleansing through fasting. Whilst you are fasting (abstinence from food), your body will be purged of long-term accumulated toxins and acid wastes which are affecting its ability to absorb nutrients and potentially adding to dis-ease in your body. 

12-Day TOTAL TRANSFORMATION RETREAT is a combination of a two day pre-fast alkaline liquid Feel Alive Super Food Cleanse, and followed by our ten day fasting program. The retreat is a truly transformational holistic body and mind experience; incorporating two days of pre-fast cleansing to ease the body into the experience, followed by an amazing 10 day juice fasting detox program.

ELITE BALI RETREAT you’ll have exclusive one-on-one coaching tailored to suit the individual client that teaches you how to let go and rewire old negative patterns and beliefs​;​ interpret the body’s intelligence​;  dive into untapped potential through unique psychosomatic meditation techniques; and, above all else, connect the​ mind’s intelligence with the heart’s wisdom.

YOGA RETREATS in conjunction with the Health and Detox Retreats; furthering Natural Healing Instinct’s holistic approach to mind, body, heart and soul awareness.

You’ll explore the mind, body and spirit connection and learn how to harness your inner potential.


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Detox Fasting Cleansing Bali
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