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Wellness programming specially designed to inspire you to connect, learn, create and evolve. Wellness Retreats Mexico.


Nômade use a holistic approach to create sustainable spaces that reflect a true sense of place and fit organically into their natural surroundings. Nômade’s human-centered space was conceived of as a temporary habitat for the global community of travelers who are looking to reconnect with themselves, one another and the universe.


38 rooms designed Nômade style, 20 exclusive suites, 5 treehouses and the 36 luxury Nômade style tents are built beneath large canopies


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Nômade ‘s wellness programming is specially designed to inspire you to connect, learn, create and evolve. Get in touch with nature, culture and sacred wisdom and carry a new-found consciousness with you wherever your journey leads you next.

Nômade have curated a series of activities, ceremonies and gatherings to get you out of your head, away from your phone, into your body and in touch with an unrushed, grounded and peaceful way of living.
Meet fellow travelers, the real people you share breakfast with, and connect over some of the activities. Join the gratitude tent, the nest and yoga Shala and tune out to tune in.

Music unites us all in a universal language through songs, dance, meditation and movement. Nômade use music to connect with each other and to connect to the ancestral roots in both ceremony and celebration. Nômade curates a unique selection of both local and internationally-acclaimed musicians and DJs. The studio provides an incubator for up-and-coming musicians to immerse themselves in the nômade community and to make music inspired by the beauty of our environment and the magic of the moments we create together.

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Programs & Retreats

Yoga shala was designed especially to accommodate yogic practice, a wonderful way to combine physical exercise with mindful awareness in order to gently expand and strengthen the mind-body continuum. The result is a positive reprogramming of subconscious thoughts and habits, keeping both mind and body supple.

Nest talks, each week, Nômade invite different practitioners and teachers to take over the nest. Come join in with fellow travelers in this informal, relaxing space and let your mind and body be enriched by something new and fresh.

The gratitude tent is one of the most sacred spaces at Nômade. It’s created with the specific intention of fostering collective gratitude among all who enter. 

Mind, body and soul – Nômade is the meeting point of those whose journey never ends


Wellness Retreats Mexico
Tulum-Boca Paila Km 10.5,
Tulum Beach, Zona hotelera,
77880 Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
North America

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