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The world’s most individual and discreet addiction and mental health clinic, with more than 15 doctors and therapists focusing exclusively on one client at a time.

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Two centres, in Switzerland and the UK, where teams of acclaimed experts secure your recovery. Offering private and luxurious residences that will serve as a home from home. Our family and our international team of highly qualified therapists, doctors, nurses, counsellors and other professionals focus on the recovery of only one client at a time, while most other addiction treatment programs in the world include a lot of group therapy and idle time during in-patient treatment. Our team works with our clients eight to twelve hours a day, not weekly or monthly as is the case with most other addiction therapy providers.



We work almost exclusively with high-profile, high-net-worth individuals. To make sure that our clients feel as comfortable as possible, we provide a luxurious environment that feels familiar, as this increases their chances of a robust recovery.


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Treatment Programmes … for mental health, addiction and wellbeing. At Paracelsus Recovery, our treatment programmes for addiction, mental health and wellbeing are based on our core principles of empathy, care and pragmatism. In an exclusive and caring environment, working with one client at a time, we offer the most comprehensive and intensive treatment programmes available. Our goal is to provide you with the therapy and tools needed to ensure long-term recovery.

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Programs & Retreats

We provide the most comprehensive and intensive treatments worldwide for addictions, eating disorders and other emotional afflictions. Treating one client at a time allows us to 100% tailor each treatment programme to your needs and preferences and focus on identifying and treating not just the affliction itself, but all underlying issues. Treatment is provided in an exclusive setting in a private luxury penthouse, staffed with private chef, maid, and a private limousine that is at your disposal at all times.

Our residential treatment programmes for substance abuse and mental health do not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Instead, we tailor-make a treatment programme that suits your unique set of needs.


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