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Experience the natural, homely environment and care at an award winning Ayurvedic nature retreat. Ayurveda Yoga Sri Lanka.


Plantation Villa is an oasis of calm and peacefulness in a rural village in Sri Lanka. Plantation Villa offer you a wellbeing experience for the body and mind through ancient Vedic traditions of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. The eco-friendly wellbeing retreat’s Ayurvedic treatments and medicines are administered in its most authentic form and food provided is tailored to complement the treatments. The Ayurvedic treatments range from preventative care, detox, weight loss and general rejuvenation/wellbeing through to intensive treatments for more serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, skin diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, joint problems, back aches, digestive issues and cancer to name a few.


Plantation Villa was once a colonial bungalow with 30 acres of rubber, coconut, cinnamon and black pepper. Today, as a Wellness Sanctuary the villa retains a sense of authentic charm across all its 8 rooms (2 Suite Rooms and 6 Deluxe Rooms), the Dining Hall, Lounge, Verandahs and Spa. The two lodges of the Resort consists of 9 Standard rooms and open Verandahs. 


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Voted as ‘Sri Lanka’s Best Wellness Retreat’ by World Spa Awards, Plantation Villa is holistic Ayurveda, Yoga/ Meditation Retreat Centre. Inspired by ancestral roots and indigenous practices, we take you on a continuous, interconnected, six-step journey to wellness.

Heart: Emotional Wellness at Plantation Villa is inspired by Buddhist Teachings, especially that of Metta – Loving Kindness. Mind: Knowledge and wisdom is the second dimension on wellness. The hotel applies its own knowledge of Vedic and Buddhist teachings to modern medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, nutrition, fitness and more. Body: Plantation Villa’s approach to physical wellness and healing is holistic; the well experienced doctors offer a number of treatments including Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness and Complete Care. Community: Society is the fourth dimension of wellness. The villa is a source of constant empowerment for the surrounding communities. Earth: The process encourages a connection with nature and provides it in abundance. Spirit: Your spiritual wellbeing is the sixth and final dimension of wellness. By awakening the spirit, you become complete. To awaken the spirit is to fill the heart, heal the body, awaken the mind, commune with others and re-connect with the planet we come from.

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Plantation Villa offers treatments for illnesses ranging from small discomforts to acute and chronic conditions, detoxification and rejuvenation treatments. Ayurveda cure is further strengthened using some proven Indigenous Medicines. The doctors are trained in both Ayurveda and Indigenous Medicine allowing to use the best of both to help assess the balances of your doshas (the term in Ayurveda for the tendencies of your mind and body) and develop a treatment schedule for you. Your treatment plan will include Ayurvedic Treatments to detox and cleanse the body, herbal medicines to support the body to help gain its balance and you will be required to relax and reconnect with yourself through the practice of Yoga and mindfulness. Our treatments range include all Ayurvedic treatments: from basic massages, shirodhara, to full Panchakarma. A 21 day stay is recommended if you want to undergo full Panchakarma treatments.

Guests are invited to learn about Ayurvedic food preparation which is a complete science of its own, requiring careful consideration of the following factors: Guna (properties or qualities of the food), Rasa (the six tastes), Vipaka (the product of digestion), Virya (the potential of generating heat or cold), Prabhava (unique qualities) and Karma (resulting action in body and mind).

The path is a complete 6-dimensional journey into the self, leaving you happier, healthier and whole.


Plantation Villa
Ayurveda Yoga Sri Lanka
Wattalaya Watta,
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