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REVIVO /re’wi:.wo:/ “I’ll live again” in Latin from the verb revivere is a leading Wellness Health Retreat in Bali.


Revivo Wellness Resorts are sustainable wellness hotels offering comprehensive personalised retreats to teach self-awareness, mind training and eventually help guests reach mind transformation. With the aim to “teach how to live in the now”, each property offers a range of wellness programmes inspired by local ancient healing traditions, designed to maintain or improve specific emotional, physical and mental health conditions. With outstanding services, therapists and amenities, Revivo Wellness Retreats provide a transformational experience for guests, teaching self-awareness and mind training to eventually help them reach mind transformation.


The resort is comprised of 16 Balinese-style luxury suites and villas, fusing traditional design with modern touches to provide a relaxing, reviving and exotic stay, a nutritious gourmet restaurant, a bar, pool cabanas, as well as best-in-class fitness and spa facilities.


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Nestled amidst the breezy hills of Nusa Dua in south Bali, Revivo Wellness Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali is spread across 3 hectares of teak tree forest, surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and the Indian ocean. Revivo’s lush enclave is comprised of Balinese-style luxury suites and villas, a nutritious gourmet restaurant, bar and pool lounge, as well as best-in-class fitness and spa facilities. The Revivo experience is distinct from spas, taking a more reflective, longer-term approach to wellbeing, combining physical, emotional and mental aspects for a completely transformational experience. Guests will discover their own true course to personal wellness while acquiring knowledge and tools from visiting experts, local practitioners and professionals whose teachings help them continue their commitment or establish a foundation of wellbeing outside the resort environment when they return home.

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Programs & Retreats

Revivo offers 11 Signature Retreats that aspire to achieve any notions of “healing”, mind training and self-awareness, rather than treating guests for specific illnesses or injuries. Each retreat can be tailor-made to suit a guest’s wellness needs in terms of nutrition, holistic treatments and workouts and RRevivo’s expert team of coaches, nutritionists and therapists design an effective personalised plan for each guest. These experts focus on delivering skills and practices guests can implement or continue when they return home – everything from skincare rituals to meditation practices to physical tools. The programmes can be selected on the basis of individual goals such as emotional balance, detox, organic weight loss and healthy sleep habits, with additional options for stress relief, vegan and keto Yoga. “Retreats and wellness travel put back the essentials often missing in people’s lives – calm, simplicity, nature and the opportunity to take a well-deserved break from the stresses of modern life,” said Laurie Mias, Revivo CEO and Co-Founder. “Through personalised wellness programmes that address specific challenges – from sleep to mindset to stress – we aim to give guests the tools and inspiration to bring wellness into their daily life and deliver mind training and mind transformation for a long-term wellness journey”.

Optimal living starts with a balanced mind. Whether you want to get rid of old habits or form new ones, every successful change starts in the mind.


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