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RoSana is a unique health and spa centre in the German-speaking region with an interdisciplinary and integrative therapy concept under constant medical supervision. Ayurveda Health Resort Germany


Our focus as an interdisciplinary spa centre is to accompany you on your way to health with a holistic therapy individually tailored to your needs. We guarantee this through our dedicated team, which consists of experienced doctors and expert therapists from the disciplines of internal medicine, Ayurveda, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy and yoga. We are convinced that the potential for health lies in every human being. Take time out in the high-quality natural ambience of RoSana – in the beautiful Bavarian landscape of the Chiemgau with its many bodies of water. As an interdisciplinary spa centre with our comprehensive approach to health, we create a balancing counterbalance to the stresses and strains of today in this healing atmosphere, which works on the three levels of body, mind and soul.


The RoSana is located in Rosenheim, Bavaria, in an exceptionally beautiful location on the Mangfall River. During the elaborate renovation of the two historic buildings, emphasis was placed on working with natural materials to create a healthy, healing indoor climate


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Our dedicated team of experienced doctors and expert alternative practitioners focus on the individual nature of your illness and develop a suitable cure and treatment concept. Under one roof, we offer you diagnostics and therapy in the disciplines of internal medicine, Ayurveda, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy and yoga in our spa centre. This combination of modern western medicine, eastern healing traditions and complementary natural healing methods is unique in the German-speaking world.

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Stress and pressure to perform, but also illnesses and imbalances easily throw us off balance. Our medically supervised Ayurveda cures lead you back to a balanced body feeling and give you a cleansed, strengthened and detoxified organism. In our centre we accompany you holistically on your way to more vitality and mental health. The combination of Ayurveda with other therapeutic disciplines, which is unique in German-speaking countries, is reflected in individually compiled cure programmes.

At the centre of every Ayurvedic treatment are the three functional principles (doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which in the best case work together harmoniously. Stress, illness or other strains often cause an imbalance here, which can be balanced again during a holistic Ayurvedic treatment. We free you from waste products which – even with a conscious lifestyle – are deposited in the body and are often responsible for chronic illnesses. In our Ayurveda cure centre in southern Germany, accompanied by specialists from various disciplines, you will find the best conditions for recharging your life energy and specifically addressing any ailments.

The individual cure and treatment offers are to be understood as examples: We always put together your personal therapy plan individually.


Ayurveda Health Resort Germany
Kunstmühlstraße 25, 83026 Rosenheim

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