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At SANGHA Retreat the mission is to address the balance of life and assist you to be the best version of yourself. Wellness Spa Retreat China.

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Located west of Shanghai in the culturally and historically rich city of Suzhou, SANGHA Retreat is a state-of-the-art, fully-immersive health and wellness retreat that combines the vast knowledge and wisdom of the East with the finest methods and technological advances of Western science. Part of the OCTAVE Institute, the 47-acre lakeside retreat introduces a new approach to well-being designed to help guests find clarity, harmony and a new level of consciousness and freedom through a personalized program of nutritionally balanced meals, healing treatments, and physical activities.


Nature and architecture harmoniously combine at SANGHA Retreat. Spacious and modern, the accommodations are perfectly conducive to reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. The thoughtful design elegantly balances luxurious comfort with calming minimalism, complementing the retreat’s wellness programs and enhancing the guest experience. Every accommodation at SANGHA Retreat offers inspiring views of Yangcheng Lake, which surrounds the property.


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At SANGHA Retreat the mission is to address the balance of life and assist you to be the best version of yourself. The Retreat aims to combine the best in ancient healing modalities, from Traditional Chinese Medicine to Ayurveda, with modern scientific research and progressive diagnostics. SANGHA Retreat’s approach is immersive and integrated. Each of the Retreat’s carefully curated programs offer an array of layered, inter-connected treatments to realign mind, body and energetic spirit at their deepest level, as well as addressing particular health issues in focus. And the expert team of doctors, nurses, technicians and life coaches are on-hand throughout each stay, to support guests in achieving a new level of mental and physical well-being.

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Programs & Retreats

Programs of Transformation have been created to provide a holistic and bespoke solution to personal well-being. Designed to not only address specific symptoms or ailments, SANGHA team of experts look beyond the superficial to the root causes, thoroughly reviewing the health of the entire body, mind and spirit.   These wellness programmes include weight management, immunity boost, fitness, detox, body alignment reenergize, reconnect and many more.  

Services at the Clinic include cardiovascular medicine, gynecology, dermatology, general practice, pediatrics, rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical imaging and functional, regenerative and anti-aging medicine.

Spa facilities vary from the extensive Hydrothermal Therapies to the uniquely designed meditation dome allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate. 

A number of classes, both private and group, are held here, including our signature Sound Healing Journey: an immersive sound and voice bath, during which the body releases tension, stress and negative thoughts.

Yoga and Pilates are some of the available fitness programmes.

Restore & Rejuvenate physically as well as mentally with SANGHA Retreat.


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