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Sass da Gruem – is a place of power, confirmed by experts, unique in the world.


Welcome to this little paradise! We are very lucky to have discovered this wonderful place which is a sanctuary with special healing energy, caused by its topography, the energy was researched and confirmed by experts with 40’000 Bovis units. The healing energy was experienced by many people of the area and even by the today owner, who decided therefore to build the hotel because he wanted to share this powerful place he loved with other people.




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The comfortable Alpine-Mediterranean climate on the shores of Lago Maggiore, and the location on a hill 440m above lake level, surrounded by huge chest nut forests give even a greater feeling of being on a journey to the own source. Because one has to walk 20 minutes up hill the last bit of the journey on a comfortable natural path, to reach the hotel after parking the car on the private parking place, while the luggage is transported by a private funicular.

Specialized & focus

Programs & Retreats

Throughout the season we offer special weekly programs (Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Detox….) on various topics. Participation in this program is voluntary and open only to hotel guests.To walk up this path feels like a transition between two worlds and enhances the feeling of ease, and relaxation one can enjoy once reached the top of the hill. In this place one can forget everyday’s life burden, recharge the batteries with fresh energy, connect with the source of own power and spend unforgettable hours in pristine nature. Here the guests are pampered in a special way by the owner themselfs: you will be enchanted by organic vegetarian cuisine with locally produced great products and an interesting holistic exercise program.

This place makes it possible to experience the calm, harmony, coziness, and the feeling of being one with creation and nature, as well as the wonderful feeling of reconnecting with your pure uniqueness and power.


Hotel Sass da Grüm
6575 San Nazzaro/Vairano

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